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Thanks to these knuckleheads, teaching students will be extremely hard.
Nickname: Zoom-raiders
Type: Toxic
Status: Active

Zoombombing is a way of raiding Zoom conferences or meeting calls, popularized in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began. It originated from the software's low security measures and has been referenced in similar app calls.

Why It Sucks and Is Illegal

  1. First and foremost, not only does this disrupt regular remote learning calls, but this type of behavior is disruptive and there are even videos of other people raiding online classes, as seen here.
    • In additional to all of that, a teenager was arrested for this as well. No joke.[1]
  2. The users who do this type of activity mostly contribute to literally nothing but send inappropriate content in the meeting and sometimes spurt out profanity in the chat wall. There was even a time that a church meeting on Zoom was hacked by people adding hate speech, porn, and/or other irrelevant content.
    • In fact, one zoombombing incident involved people adding swastikas in another literal church meeting.
      • Not only is this extremely offensive especially to Holocaust survivors, but this type of act is ACTUALLY illegal since this type of act involves in computer crimes. And to add insult to injury, people have spammed Hitler memes in one particular event.[2]
  3. Some of these raids are organized by actual YouTubers wanting to have some fun and attention, especially by this example.
  4. Most of the time, the zoombombing mostly involves insertion of material that is either lewd, obscene, sexist, transphobic, heterophobic, homophobic, racist, and among other disruptive activities.
    • A church zoom meeting got spammed with "death to all blacks" (the person who wrote this experienced this firsthand)
    • In another incident, a meeting of Dallas ISD trustees was interrupted with raiders yelling the n word several times and typing "dumb monkeys" in the chat, followed by another raider typing "USELESS N****RS" at least 20 times.
  5. Most of the Zoom calls are very easy to access due to very poor security measures that were in place, until the levels of zoombombing reached the peak, and then that's when the co-founder of Zoom; Eric Yuan stepped in with extra security measures to prevent any future Zoom raids.
    • However, with drastic measures that were taken, some of the raiders still target insecure meetings, making it extremely easy to take over calls.
  6. This type of behavior has even made Zoom users get frustrated to the point where they just give up as shown in this example, and yes, this LITERALLY happened.
  7. When these raids happen, most of the time the users who are holding these meetings frustratingly kick them out, only for it to completely backfire when it happens on most Zoom meetings.
    • And sometimes, Zoombombers get away scot-free, while the owners are left with absolutely nothing, making it very difficult to Zoom meetings to proceed without disruption.
  8. Sadly this could have had potential to be funny, but most of the spam is racist/offensive. That's the only bad part!


  • Have your meetings be password-protected. This is a #1 top priority and must be maintained in order to have a safe Zoom meeting without worrying about anything bad happening.
  • Do not give out any Zoom links to anyone as they can use those links and bomb the meeting using that link. Only share the Zoom meeting link to anyone that you trust such as a student in your class.
  • Be careful of who you invite to your Zoom meetings at your discretion, as there is a chance that you could be inviting very dangerous people who are most likely going to bomb it.
  • Don't give the Zoom-raiders a reaction, and kick them out immediately if you spot them.


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