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Zoë Quinn
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No one is innocent in this, especially NOT you.
Real name: Chelsea Van Valkenburg
Also known as: Zoë Tiberius Quinn, Locke Valentine (porn star name), unburntwitch
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Domain: Twitter

"Zoe Quinn (aka Chelsea van Valkenburg): You’re a corrupt coward who has manipulated everyone you can for your own gain, even suborning the legal system to silence someone in defiance of the Constitution, and you are guilty of all the crimes you have accused others of. Anita Sarkeesian: You’re a shallow con artist spouting bad pop culture analysis for fiscal gain and milking any controversy for your own gain, even goading on people to hate you for more undeserved sympathy. And I dare both of you to attempt silencing me for those feelings."


Zoë Tiberius Quinn (born Janurary 11, 1987 as Chelsea Van Valkenburg, and also known by the stage name Locke Valentine) is an American "video game developer", programmer, writer, and artist. She developed the interactive fiction Depression Quest, a Twine game released on Steam.

In 2014, a Wordpress blog post titled "The Zoe Post," written by her ex-boyfriend Eron Gjoni (where he accused Zoë of infidelity), became one of the fuses that lit GamerGate controversy, in which Quinn was subjected to extensive harassment.

On September 1, 2019, Quinn disabled her Twitter account, after Alec Holowka committed suicide following her accusations that Holowka emotionally and sexually abused her. Five days after, her Twitter account was reactivated.

Why She's Rotten

  1. She's basically at the centre of the journalism corruption that kickstarted GamerGate.
    • According to Eron Gjoni, Quinn had slept with Nathan Grayson from Kotaku (who had covered her positively several times) and further investigation found out she was secretly funded by several other journalists who wrote about her.
    • She had also bribed numerous moderators on several websites to censor negative comments about her and any discussion regarding her sexual allegations.
  2. She sabotaged the Polaris Game Jam event because it "was not meant for clique and for her own personal style". This included filtering out curse words and having let's players play her game instead of the ones they were making with other developers. Nathan Grayson would later on defend her and paint her as a hero against oppression and sexism.
  3. She is highly abusive and makes false claims of sexual harassment. She constantly bashes Eron Gjoni, gaslights him, and has even threatened to commit suicide once just to pressure Gjoni. It was even said that her boyfriends before Gjoni didn't have much better experience with her.
    • Her actions towards Gjoni prove that she is a manipulative liar.
  4. Created one of the worst video games of all time: Depression Quest, a game arguably even worse than Plumbers Don't Wear Ties.
    • Even worse is that Zoë had a LOT of influence in the gaming community, despite having only made a text-based thing that can barely be called a "game".
  5. Attacked John "TotalBiscuit" Bain and had her group of followers harass him for over a year due to him winning a Journalism award during the "TotalBiscuit" incident.
  6. Sabotaged The Fine Young Capitalists charity campaign, which caused many GamerGate supporters to donate to TFYC, either for support or simply out of spite for Quinn.
  7. Founded the infamous pseudo anti-harassment group Crash Override Network with her new boyfriend Alex Lifschitz.
  8. Much like fellow professional victim Brianna Wu, Quinn has faked her own harassment.
  9. She later wrote a book titled Crash Override, which GethN7 calls "Quinn's magnum opus of lies".
  10. Never stops spewing nonsense, such as claiming that Eron Gjoni's "The Zoe Post" was "meant to get her killed". She also claimed that the nude shots posted online by her harassers were revenge porn, while in reality, they were taken during her days working as a porn star for Deviant Nation. The biggest was "GamerGate has ruined lives", even though it was entirely the fault of anti-GamerGaters for digging the graves they are now in.
  11. She had DMCAed one of MundaneMatt's videos discussing her sexual allegations on the ground that it contained images from her game, even though the images were later proven to be promotional materials found on the game's site.
  12. She did not even pay those who were part of the CON.
  13. She even justifies violence, as seen when members of Antifa attacked Andy Ngo.
  14. On August 26, 2019, she accused another of her ex-partners, Alec Holowka, of emotional and sexual harassment. These allegations, coupled with Quinn’s followers hounding him with torrential amounts of abuse, drove Holowka to suicide on August 31. HIS BLOOD IS ON HER HANDS!!!
  15. On October 2, 2020, after President Trump announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19, she wrote on Twitter that she hopes that Trump dies from the virus and hoped that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gets COVID-19 as well.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The controversy surrounding her helped expose how truly unethical and untrustworthy many game journalists have become.





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