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YouTube Comments are comments that appear mostly on random and various YouTube videos. The YouTube comments are the absolute worst part of The YouTube Community and YouTube in general.

Why The Majority Of Them Are Rotten

  1. They are a part of many toxic fandoms and hatedoms (which are too many to count).
  2. You can find all sorts of bad people populating the comments. Nostalgia-tards, modern-tards, terrorists, SJWs, edgelords, manchildren, alt-righters, sexists, homophobes, ageists, and many more.
  3. Most of them only care about likes as they also fake about having their birthdays only to get more and more likes on their comment.
  4. A lot of them don't tend to respect different tastes and views:
    • If you comment something by expressing your opinion, you can and will get replies that insult you.
    • On negative videos expressing a person's unpopular opinion (if done right), they dislike bomb them and bash the user who made the video.
    • They even go as far as to brainwash others to have the same opinion as them.
    • They are the reason sensitive people refuse to watch their favorite media and some to turn off replies, preventing them from getting friendly replies from other people.
    • They lash out at you if you call them out (if you're not careful with your words).
    • They treat their opinions as facts, and shove them down your throat.
    • Flame wars happen anywhere.
    • Often, commenters with differing views end up resorting to ad hominems without actually addressing each others' arguments.
  5. They are huge cyberbullies, as they use a lot of bad insults including the infamous autism and cancer insults.
    • Occasionally, they go too far by outright telling people to kill themselves.
  6. Inability to take criticism: Related to the above pointer, they can disparage you if you're not careful with calling them out.
  7. Some of them use poor grammar on their comments. Though to an extent this can be excused if the person’s first language isn’t English.
  8. Many of them are full of misinformation.
  9. Some of them are sexist, racist, ageist, ableist, transphobic, xenophobic, homophobic and perverted.
    • Speaking of ageism, they are extremely hostile towards kid YouTubers.
  10. They damaged all of the existing communities on the internet.
  11. Some of the comments they post can be biased.
  12. Since around 2013 or 2014, the dislike button no longer actually does anything on comments. This means that bad comments that used to would have been heavily disliked now simply stay up without any visible resistance (other than replies). This further enables people to write bad comments.
  13. Most comments they make are extremely repetitive.
    • For example, some people make assumptions on the likes and dislike ratio. These usually go like: "X people missed the like button" or "X disliked this".
      • Some make mean-spirited and biased comments.
        • Some YouTube commenters post comments like "First" on YouTube videos that have no comments, which is, in and of itself, very annoying.
  14. Tons of circle-jerking and bandwagoning, whether the comment they write is annoying or innocent.
  15. Some of them have inappropriate profile pics.
  16. Some of their usernames are stupid, impersonating, or downright ridiculous (for example, there's a user named BOB IGOR RUINED STAR WARS AND NOT JUST KATHLEEN).
  17. Another problem is a group of people (nostalgiatards, edgelords, bandwagoners, rabid haters, blind fans, etc.) who populate certain types of videos (classic media, entertainment, animals, blogs, modern media, anime, etc.). They love to circlejerk and brag about the things they adore so much and complain/rant about the things they hate. You can almost never go scroll down the comments peacefully without spotting one or more of some of the collective writing annoying comments and that either you stay away from the video for good or have an urge to call them out.
  18. Comment Bots sometimes steal comments from real users and reply to comments by spamming emojis.
  19. Some are meme phrases that are no longer funny because of their repetitiveness. Examples include:
    • Kids in Africa could have eaten that X
    • Who is watching this in 20XX
    • Kid: Mom can we have X? Mom: No, we have X at home. X at home:
    • X doesn't exist, it can't hurt you. X:
    • Many RvB Quotes
    • Who is better?
      • Like - X
      • Comment - Y
    • Here before TikTok ruins this song (on music-related videos)
    • First!
    • Who's here after X?
    • x%: (example) y%: (example) z%: (example)
    • No one/Nobody: X:
    • Caillou: (does something exaggerated as opposed to what he'd do in the show)
      Caillou's mom: That's not very nice.
    • Drake is the type of guy that (example)
    • POV: You are/came from X
    • Quotes from other YouTubers
    • Kid named X:
    • Fun fact: Every legendary video is less than a minute.
    • Roses are red Violets are blue If it's less than a minute I'll give it a view
    • "Still better than YouTube Rewind 2018"
    • Anything coronavirus related on a non-coronavirus video
    • This video is older than 99% of the community/Fortnite players
    • Wait that's illegal
    • 99% of these comments: 1% of these comments: normal comments
    • Kid: Drowns in chocolate Oompa Loompas:
    • Dad: Turn that off Me: Why Dad: We have bigger speakers downstairs
    • X:
      Also X:
    • So glad I grew up with X and not Fortnite/fortshite/fartnut
    • So glad I grew up with [something from Minecraft/Minecraft related]....and not [something from Fortnite/Fortnite related] (on Minecraft videos, mostly prior to 2014)
    • To the 1 percent reading this: You're adorable/nice/cool/amazing and adorable/nice/cool/amazing, stay safe (mostly made by bots)
    • Well, yes but actually no
    • Yesn't
    • Claim your "here within an hour" ticket here
    • Plot twist:
    • When X was born, the doctors said, "It's a man."
    • Imagine if humans disappeared and this was the only proof we existed.
    • The movie when my parents come in:
    • "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." -Dr. Seuss
    • "We didn't know we were making memories, we were just having fun." -Winnie The Pooh
    • "The saddest part of life is when the person who gave you the best memories becomes a memory".
    • Me: Hits my elbow/my head/Steps on a Lego/Stubs my toe My entire nervous system:
    • Jokes about the PlayStation 2 startup
    • Comments about Teen Titans Go, The Emoji Movie, or Sonic 06.
    • R/woooosh (usually as replies to comments when someone doesn't get a joke)
    • Surprised Pikachu face
    • Hotel? Trivago.
    • This is how many times X said "(quote)."
    • Fun fact:
    • 1950: We will have flying cars in the future. 20XX:
    • Discord/Redditor mod jokes
    • Rest in peace Stephen Hillenburg
    • Bruh you are everywhere (replies to comments made by people who are everywhere on YouTube such as Chaosity, Ray Mak, etc.)
    • She's not the trash, she's the whole landfill (On Lisa Gaming Roblox videos)
    • X: exists
      Y: Am I a joke to you?
    • Welcome back to episode (number) of why is this in my recommended? (Because clicking “Not Interested” isn’t an option apparently)
    • The kid named...
    • Instructions unclear
    • You are only allowed to like this comment if you didn’t come from TikTok
    • Back when SpongeBob/ Family Guy/The Simpsons was good
    • Everybody gangsta till...
    • I'm very sorry for your loss (Comments on videos where the person says that a family member died; or replies to a comment where the commenter says that their family member or friend died)
    • "It's astonishing to see what these kids are designing" Kids: (Insert weird Roblox game) (On the video "The Story of Roblox")
    • Fun fact: If you put "Fun fact:" in your comment, people will read the whole thing.
    • How could people dislike this video? (On videos talking about the death of someone)
    • X disliked this video Or: The dislikes came from X
    • X people missed the like button
  20. Even the replies are no better
    • if someone says a joke that has been done before, at least 3-5 replies will say the following
    • Stolen (ironically said more often than said “stolen” comment)
    • Underrated
    • Copied
    • Overused joke
  21. Sometimes they get the YouTuber involved in their comments.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Thankfully, sane and nice commenters still exist on YouTube.
  2. Some comments by them can be hilarious.
  3. Many comments are still better than the actual videos.





3 months ago
Score 4
Yea, I think this page is kinda exaggerating.


3 months ago
Score 2
Personally, I think the African memes are offensive ngl


one month ago
Score 1
And yet those jackasses use the "BuT-but BuT its a JoKE!!!!11" excuse, fuckheads.


2 months ago
Score 2
I'm honestly tired of the "only people who didn't come from tiktok can like this" comments.

AbareKillerFan 2002

2 months ago
Score 0

I know two douchebags like these, their names are "Cameron McEwen" and "Tammy Newborn"

Cameron McEwen: A spoiled brat who bullies people who doesn't like Thomas and Friends Big World Big Adventures and tends to put the blame on his victims about the things he's doing to them

Tammy Newborn: A diehard 4Kids lover who threatens and bashes on people that say that 4Kids is bad


2 months ago
Score 1
All my videos got disliked bombed by a kid because I was defending someone who told some random person to be original. Also, the dislike bomber claimed that the previously mentioned claimed to have stolen their videos, but that fucker has NO VIDEOS WHATSOEVER!!! They also went as far as to steal the person's name whom I defended. Youtube Commenters are real fucking stupid sometimes.


2 months ago
Score 1
YouTube commenters are just ridiculously stupid.


2 months ago
Score 1
I recall the spamming comments back in 2012 or 2013 that they would say "Bob is at war with Google+" and it would have a stick person with a tank. I also hate the "No one: __:" comments


27 days ago
Score 1
Tip: Don't troll in the YouTube comments. You're not going to stand out no matter what.


26 days ago
Score 1

I've seen such comments on technology videos, like the recent videos for FlyTech where he does Windows experiments like removing system files, modifies the registry, exploiting the CMD vulnerabilities, and so on.

YouTube can't do anything thanks to Susan Wojcicki. One day, these commenters will learn their lesson.

YT Commenters in the nutshell:

IdioticPrick's comment in a GTA V video:

"Kid: Mom, can we have GTA V? Mom: No, we already have GTA V at home. GTA V at home:"

Seriously! This is a waste of a comment!


24 days ago
Score 1
Many old EDM songs (especially the mainstream ones) have these types of comments (mostly from pointer 19 and I can't explain them).


24 days ago
Score 1
hOtEl TrIvAgO


23 days ago
Score 1

bob the builder can't fix it. also

these dudes should collect old stuff, i am not a Nostalgia-tard. but really i am similar... but i just like old stuff in general. because sometimes new stuff is bad and sometimes the new stuff is good


17 days ago
Score 1
Some of the comments I don't really care about it, I like making those comments not to be funny though but rather for fun

No bias

9 days ago
Score 0
The number 19 is kinda Disrespectful.


9 days ago
Score 1
Who is reading these pages in 2021?


9 days ago
Score 1
Whos readin this page in 2022?

Sarah davis

5 days ago
Score 0
i find some of the instructions unclear comments funny

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