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Stolen furry content at its finest.
Type of site: Web scraper
Language: English
Created by: Dozes (real name unknown)
Owner: Dozes
Date of launch: July 23, 2015
Status: Defunct (shut down on November 25, 2020)
Successor: kemono.party

Yiff.Party was a web scraper website that used bots to crawl various different Patreon campaigns, mainly those of furry content creators. The unauthorizedly scraped content was then published for anyone to view for free. Because of the large scale art piracy that yiff.party engaged in, it led the site to become controversial and often criticized by creators and Patrons alike during its operation. Despite shutting down on November 25, 2020, users migrated over to Kemono.Party, which is similar to this, but will also be covered below;

Why It Sucked

  1. To make things simple, the site blatantly stole artworks locked behind paywalls on Patreon. This was one of the reasons why the site was so controversial. It was basically your run of the mill free movie/TV show piracy website, except instead, it focused on users from Patreon, which is stealing from smaller creators.
  2. Boring design, consisting of nothing but white and purple and really basic designs that a pre-teen or a teenager can make using Wix.
  3. The logo is lazy, being nothing but the website's name in Calibri, later in Roboto font.
  4. Patreon tried to stop the website and shut it down, but for some stupid reason, they were unable to despite support from affected creators to do so.
  5. The release of paid content on the site had caused artists who use Patreon as their main source of income to lose a lot of money and Patrons.
  6. The website survived on monthly donations, but they're all nothing but to line its creator and only administrator's pockets instead of maintaining it.
  7. Dozes, the site's creator and only administrator, is very greedy and selfish as he'll lock the site to the public if its monthly donation goal was not met out of pettiness.
    • Additionally, he cannot take criticism as he made a very poor excuse for shutting down the site on the site itself, stating that he lacked the energy and motivation to continue moderating and maintaining it when it's actually due to numerous artists threatening to sue him over the usage of stolen content on the site.
  8. All the artists that were starred on the site will be saved on the current device you're using. This means that if you clear your browsing history or use Incognito/Guest Mode, all of the stars will be removed.



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