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The art of awfulness.

Yale University School of Art is the website for Yale University School of Art. Since, it belongs to a creative faculty of Yale, expecting something extraordinary is normal. But the only extraordinary thing about it is its awfulness.

Why Its Design Is Rotten

  1. The background of the site is simply horrendous, sometimes it's a picture of a fish, sometimes it's a randomly chosen image or a random piece of GIF animation. Worst among these choices is two pages of a book that only makes the page even more confusing to look at.
  2. The font choices are just as horrible. All the text are scattered around in differently colored boxes, giving the site an unfinished look.
  3. There's literally nothing artistic about this website, in fact, it has so little to do with art that you'll be wondering if you are at the wrong site.
  4. Last but not least: Is this the best Yale - a world renowned prestige university - can offer us?

The One Redeeming Quality

  1. At least it isn't too confusing to navigate, if you can avoid getting distracted by the background.


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