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NOTE: This page was originally created by MeMeGuYWasLost on Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki.

Say NO to xenophobia!
Type: Self explanatory
Status: Active

Xenophobia (from Ancient Greek: ξένος, romanized: xénos, meaning "stranger" or "foreigner", and φόβος, romanized: phóbos, meaning "fear") is the fear or hatred of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange. It is an expression of perceived conflict between an ingroup and an outgroup and may manifest in suspicion by the one of the other's activities, a desire to eliminate their presence, and fear of losing national, ethnic or racial identity.

Xenophobia and racism often overlap, but they also differ because the latter is based on physical characteristics while the former is "based on the perception that the other is foreign to the community or nation or originated outside it". However, these people are very infamous.

Why They're Rotten

  1. These people are racist, which are also making unfunny and racist jokes.
    • Hate memes are very present among them, here is an example of one of them.
    • Some jokes even go too far by making fun of tragedies that occurred in certain counties (i.e. 9/11, Coronavirus, and more). That's still considered dead disrespecting.
  2. Depending on the country they hate, they stereotype a specific country with uncertain data, such as that all French are refined.
  3. Ironically, a few of them hate characters like Nina Einstein from Code Geass for being xenophobic, yet they themselves are xenophobic.
    • Another instance of hypocrisy can occur as well. Let's say they hate a country of their choice or choices yet they are never bothered some media they may like that does take place in a country or countries that they hate or been created by the said countries before. Same goes for liking characters who happen to come from a said country or have a descent (like Mario from Mario franchise, who is Italian; or Peni Parker from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, who is Japanese).
  4. They can't accept any sort of feedback.
  5. Some hate countries for stupid reasons such as:
    • Some people hate Canada because of Justin Bieber.
    • Some people hate South Korea because of K-Pop.
    • Some people hate Japan because of anime.
    • Some people hate United Kingdom because of One Direction, Doctor Who, and Tea.
    • Some people hate China because of COVID-19.
    • Some people hate France because they surrendered during wars.
    • Some people hate Germany because of Nazism.
    • Some people hate United States because of Liberty and Obesity.
    • Some people hate Russia because of Communism.
  6. A portion of them cross the line by Godwin's Law to express their hatred on certain countries.
  7. Some of these people can be SJWs or obsessive anti-SJWs.
  8. If someone expresses distaste of the same country they loathe, they have a tendency to hop in into that opinion. Although this is uncommon.
  9. It got so bad that Democrats and Republicans hated them so much.
  10. They can also be homophobic as they would hate on countries that accept gay rights, like the United States.
  11. They generally play the anti-censorship and free speech card to escape criticism.
  12. They generalize anybody living in those places as such negative judgment they have, which is not always true. A country's people should be judged by their individual character, not the way they live or the place they live in.
    • Even then, they play the "judge by character" card to get away scot-free.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They do have a point about the countries they detest having bad sides such as North Korea, Chinese government against Hongkongers and the Uyghurs as well as their denial of the Tiannamen Square massacre, the whole African continent, and Muslim-majority countries.
    • Speaking of that, they are also right about some countries like Japan (including it's war crime denial), Italy, and Germany were corrupt in the past during World War II as well as Serbia during Yugoslav wars and Turkey during World War I.
  2. They are not wrong that immigrants/refugees from developing countries (especially from the Middle East and Africa) are more likely to commit crimes (especially rape) than the citizens of developed countries.
  3. They are not wrong that dark-skinned people (not necessarily from Africa) generally have low IQ and more violent and barbaric.
  4. They do have a point that are some Bad Dictators in Every country in the past and present such as Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler, Alexander Lukashenko, Bashar al-Assad, and many more.




2 months ago
Score 1
I never believed that they're even on Roblox. One of them said that all arabs are terrorists.


2 months ago
Score 1
This even happened when people were chatting in arabic in-game.

No bias

5 days ago
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Not gonna lie I feel offended since my religion never teach terrorism.

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