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You can make a technology UnitZ!

Woozworld is a virtual gaming community founded in 2008 as KidStudio 2.0 and in 2009 as Woozworld. The game targets at a tween audience.

Why It's Rotten Now

  1. It used to be fun from 2009 to 2012, in 2013 it went downhill, while in 2016, it is the downfall of Woozworld.
  2. Most of the users quit Woozworld because of too many updates, just like Vyond had bad updates and a ton of users have quit Woozworld.
  3. Woozworld's community is full of drama, abuse and bully. Woozworld users threats new users who are new and don't know Woozworld. Notably Level 50 and VIP users bully new users.
  4. Woozin is a ripoff of Facebook, which is a kid version of Facebook.
  5. Too much bad updates, such as back in 2012, only VIPs are allowed to color items and post on Woozband's wallz. Later in 2014, some of the UnitZ, such as Jay's Freestyle Cafe and The Map Game were restricted to Non VIP users.
  6. Most of the users are aged 12-13, which is nonsense. They are childish, unrespectful and all they like is Rap.
  7. Most of the Woozworld users are not only on Woozworld, they are also on Moviestarplanet.
  8. There are also trolls on Woozworld.
  9. Everyone got banned on Woozworld for no reason.
  10. They force users to have VIP, and some of the users don't have money to buy VIP.
  11. Some of the UnitZ are filled with Online Daters, for example is (Owner)'s Singles and Non Singles hangout, Central Plaza and Kissing Games.
  12. When Max & Jenny has separated, a lot of users has sent death treats to Woozworld.

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