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Wired logo.svg.png
Type of site: Technology
Language: English
Created by: Louis Rossetto

Jane Metcalfe Ian Charles Stewart

Owner: Condé Nast
Date of launch: March/April 1993
Status: Active

Wired is a monthly American magazine, published in print and online editions, that focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics.

Why They're Rotten

  1. Very anti-GamerGate and anti-gamer.
  2. They create fake news and false narratives and one such case was how white men were dominating the workforce and made false statistics to further their point.
  3. Their work environment is actually ironically very sexist to women.
  4. They fired one employee for reporting another employee plagiarizing.
  5. In addition they are also really xenophobic towards Japanese game developers while supportive of indie developers of the SJW type.
  6. One review of The Long Dark involved them trying to shoehorn climate change politics in it.
  7. Since the new direction of the site being more mainstream-oriented, clickbait and celebrity culture worship is rampant.
  8. They wrote anything that was in Hillary Clinton’s favor.
  9. They were very verkampt over the "Learn To Code" joke, meant to mock journalists, being laid off, and for their unethical practices.
  10. They also enjoy mocking the geek culture especially when it comes to nostalgia, Star Wars or Marvel.
  11. They still aren't pleased even with the amount of SocJus politics and representation pushed into movies.
  12. They called Lord of the Rings racist.
  13. They even made an article about robots being stereotyped.
  14. They defended Bethesda's poor game practices such as it can ruin Fallout 4.
  15. They also run smear campaigns against Elon Musk for calling out the media.
  16. They attacked Kanye West for him being a Trump Supporter and for being an independent thinker.
  17. They even went after violent video games for being in the Google Play Store.
  18. They even attacked the Meme community for not being inclusive enough.
  19. They also attacked Blade Runner 2049 well for being not diverse enough.
  20. They also are against civil discussion as they teamed up with Leigh Alexander to end public debate.
  21. They also endorsed VR as a political tool just to smear Trump.
  22. They wrote down a ridiculous listicle on creators they support since they are not Pewdiepie.
  23. They wrote a smear piece against men stating that movies involving witches are about the fear of power women can get, even though in history anybody with power can be easily corrupted.





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