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Wikia/FANDOM's unreliable cousin.

Wikifoundry is a wiki hosting website formed in 2013 that spun-off from Wetpaint's Wiki services. It is best known as the former host of the Closing Logos Group Wiki (CLG Wiki).

Why It's Rotten

  1. The website is poorly made and programmed.
  2. The search function only gives 25 results and doesn't even search the titles most of the time. It might even sometimes refuse to work in some cases, with an error saying that "Search is Unavailable."
  3. The "mobile view" is way too simplistic, looking like an old website from the 90s instead of a modern webpage.
  4. Edit mode runs poorly on mobile devices, with a broken select function that only highlights one letter no matter how you move it.
  5. The founder, Travis Derouin, has proven himself to be a horrible and incompetent owner of the site.
    • He is the only person with access to Wikifoundry's servers, not even the admins have any access to it. If you're gonna have admins, then please allow them access to the servers as well. To make matters worse, he has insisted on being the sole person with any access to the Wikifoundry servers, ostensibly for security reasons.
    • When many users complained about CLG Wiki members criticizing his platform, he responded with an expletive-filled rant and threatened to close the wiki (which he did, for a few hours).
    • When Wikifoundry acquired Wetpaint, the new owners amended their hosted websites' terms of service prohibiting the redistribution of their content without Travis' consent. This not only allowed Wikifoundry to better compete with other platforms, but also gave Travis greater control over the content itself, which became a bone of contention for CLG Wiki. It also allowed Travis to keep the hosted websites active, to the indignation of some website contributors who want to part with him.
    • In keeping with the above issue, Travis began engaging in an edit war with a CLG Wiki admin over a home page message announcing the CLG Wiki's departure from Wikifoundry and a link to their new site. Travis would not only ban the other editor but mass-banned most of the CLG Wiki's active mods and administrators to keep them from restoring it; all part of a desperate attempt to increase traffic on his site.
    • According to Wikifoundry Central moderator Bellswebster, Travis has been known to fix things on his own time and not when people gave him complaints. This is allegedly due to him having a family and him having a job for another company called 10X Management.
    • Travis is also really protective about losing ad revenue when a wiki is made private. For instance, when trolls became more prominant on the CLG Wiki, one of the sites admins attempted to private the wiki twice (after being given permission from Bellswebster), only to have Travis make the wiki public again. This led to a series of flame wars between Travis and the admin which ultimately led to the admin being banned and IP blocked. He returned a few years later under a new account.
    • Months after the CLG Wiki community's departure, Travis converted their site to MediaWIki, breaking video embeds and disabling access to the forums. Travis's conversion broke the ability to log into the wiki and somehow broke access to Recent Changes. He then proceeded to perform the same conversion on the still-active James Bond Wiki, breaking their ability to login and edit their site and effectively killing the site.
  6. It suffers from LOTS of technical problems and crashes, most infamously a month-long crash from September to October of 2018, which took down the login server entirely and effectively locked out anyone who hadn't been logged in to their accounts. This was allegedly the result of Travis abandoning the site and taking a long vacation.
    • In December 2017, the CLG Wiki's forum suddenly stopped working and no-one could make or reply to threads for two weeks. A CLG member was able to find the problem and create a browser extension to patch it before Travis was even known to be aware of the issue
  7. After the CLG complained about the constant bugs, Wikifoundry bought a new server in 2015; however, it did not fix all of the problems. According to Wikifoundry employee Clay Crowe, he had to pressure Travis to buy the new server because even he thought it wouldn't fix the problems.
  8. The site allows users to cancel their memberships from individual wikis. This feature is often abused by trolls as a means to avoid being banned, especially on the CLG Wiki.
    • In 2017, a previously banned troll began stalking and harrassing two of the CLG Wiki's admins, to the point where they both left the site. He not only abused the "cancel membership" feature, but also used a VPN to avoid being IP banned. The CLG Wiki then brought this problem to the attention of both Travis and Clay, both of whom refused to do anything about it and Bellswebster even placed a ban on discussing ban evasions afterwards. The said troll also led to the CLG Wiki Board of Directors to place a strict ban on responding to trolls in the threads.
  9. Unlike other wiki services, like FANDOM, MediaWiki and its relative Miraheze, the function to revert/undo edits is only available to mods and admins.
  10. Aside from Travis, the only other active people on the site are both Bellswebster and Naru2008.
    • Bellswebster is just as unprofessional as Travis (if not worse). For instance, during the 2018 blackout, she made very rude remarks towards people for calling out the the problems of the site and labeling said people as "disrespectful". She even called one person "a petty and attention seeking little child".
      • On a few occations, she has even deleted comments containing either email addresses or links to other Wikifoundry wikis, WITHOUT giving people the chance to edit their comments.
      • Another time someone who was banned from another Wikifoundry wiki for no reason, created a thread asking the staff to help him get unbanned. Bells refused to help him and told him "Don't come over here whining about being banned. We can't and won't do anything about it" before locking the thread.
  11. Relating to the issue above, the staff have openly refused to take action against abusive admins on other Wikifoundry wikis. This is likely a measure to not only avoid jeopardizing relationships with wiki admins, but also to avoid losing business.
  12. Because of all the problems and how poorly made the site is, many wikis are threatening to give up on Wikifoundry and move to other services. The CLG Wiki attempted to move to FANDOM in 2015, which was scrapped. The Warrior Cat Clans community and a Shrien The Wonderer fanpage both left Wikifoundry after the aforementioned 2018 blackout with the former moving to Proboards and the latter moving to Gamepedia. Fearing that Wikifoundry would not update its server before Flash stops working at the end of 2020, some CLG Wiki members aired their grievances on the threads and many threatened to leave Wikifoundry, leading to Travis announcing on May 4, 2020 that he would shut down Wikifoundry's CLG site, prompting a move to Miraheze. Travis apparently shut down CLG Wiki a few days later, with the cryptic warning "Be careful what you wish for," but this was brief as the site became active again within a week. Nevertheless, CLG Wiki's Board of Directors has made it clear that they want no part of the old website anymore. However, on June 20th 2020, the CLG Wiki was set to private, though it's unclear if it was set to private by Travis or a CLG admin. This was soon reversed and the site was converted to MediaWiki by Travis in late October 2020.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The flaws only apply to the programming and technical problems of the site, the content hosted is actually quite good, such as the Closing Logos Group Wiki, the world's largest logo wiki and pretty much the only reason people come to this site.


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9 months ago
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Wow, Travis is a dickhead


9 months ago
Score 2
I think Travis will sell Wikifoundry to Fandom, just to get it off his hands.


7 months ago
Score 0
I sugested to fandom staff of acquiring wikifoundry as UCP phase 3


9 months ago
Score 4
Wikifoundry is officially shut down and if you go to the website you get an Apache Tomcat error.


8 months ago
Score 6
Congratulations Travis, you killed your own site.


6 months ago
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@Kesner *service


8 months ago
Score 1
It'd be hilarious if he said "GOD⚡PEED" instead of "Godspeed" in his email.

Hensback from YouTube & Scratch

8 months ago
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Travis is a dumbass


8 months ago
Score 1

Wikifoundry: Closes while CLG wiki gets moved into miraheze

Miraheze: Im The King Of The World


one month ago
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I tried to use this once, and gave up halfway.


11 days ago
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We need a page on WikiDot, since SCP (the biggest wiki on that platform) has been having difficulties with their host for years now.

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