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FANDOM's unreliable cousin.

Wikifoundry is a wiki hosting website formed in 2013 that spun-off from Wetpaint's Wiki services. It is best known as the host of the Closing Logos Group Wiki (CLG Wiki).

Why It's Rotten

  1. The website is poorly produced and programmed.
  2. The search function only gives 25 results and doesn't even search the titles most of the time. It might sometimes refuse to work in some cases with an error exclaiming that "Search is Unavaliable."
  3. The "mobile view" is very simplistic, looking like an early website from the 90s instead of a modern webpage.
  4. Edit mode runs poorly on mobile devices, with a broken select function that only highlights one letter no matter how you move it,
  5. The founder, Travis Derouin, is the only person with access to Wikifoundry's servers, not even the admins have any access to it! If you're gonna have admins, then allow them access to the servers as well!
  6. It suffers from LOTS of technical problems and crashes, most infamously a month-long crash from September to October of 2018.
  7. Because of all the problems and how poorly made the site is, many wikis are threatening to give up on Wikifoundry and move to other services. The CLG Wiki attempted to move to FANDOM in 2015, which was scrapped and now both versions exist within each other.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The flaws only apply to the programming and technical problems of the site, the content hosted is actually quite good, such as the Closing Logos Group Wiki, the world's largest logo wiki and pretty much the only reason people come to this site.