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"No matter how you cut the custard, Social Justice Warrior male feminists appear to be misogynists hiding in sheep’s clothing. If any guy online claims to be a male feminists, he’s likely doing so to harass, abuse or rape women… just like all of the guys above, and likely many more in the Social Justice Warrior community who haven’t been caught… yet."

William "Billy D" Usher

It is safer fighting on the internet than fighting a dragon, isn't it?

A White Knight (or an Internet White Knight) is a pejorative term used to describe a person (usually male) who defends women on the Internet, usually it carries the implication that the person defends her hoping for a romantic reward (or other benefits) in return. These type of people are usually criticized for being indiscriminate in the women they choose to defend.

Notable Examples

  • Marc Threadingham, a.k.a "Le Nodding Man" is a rather (in)famous example.
  • Zoë Quinn has several, besides Threadingham, other examples are Phil Fish and Anthony Burch.
  • Angry Joe once white knighted Anita Sarkeesian in one of his videos.
  • Besides Joe Vargas, Sarkeesian has many other white knights, such as Ernest W. Adams and Erica Friedman. Yet, he made a response on Twitter back in 2010 that he hated all the females who weren't calling in.[1]
  • When Alison Rapp came under fire for supporting pedophilia, she tried to pin the blame on "white-supremacists" and GamerGaters. White knights, of course, took the bait and spammed her Twitter page with cute images to keep the "harassment" out of sight.
  • The Bully Hunters also count, as their only supposed purpose is to rush to a female gamer's rescue when some other gamer is being rude to her, despite the fact that she can simply walk away, try and hunt down the trash talker herself, report him, mute/block him if said gamer is trashtalking to her or turn off the headphones.

Why Most of Them are Rotten In General

  1. White knights tend to hold a indiscriminate towards whoever they choose to defend. Some will even defend people like Sarkeesian who's a known scammer, and Alison Rapp who supports exploiting child sexuality.
  2. Many of them will defend women just because those they defend are female, or because they seek benefits in return.
  3. Sometimes, the persons they choose to defend are manipulative attention whores, usually because the white knights have been playing into their traps by taking the bait.
  4. Many of them like to pretend that those whom they defend are completely innocent and treat the idea that the person they're defending is responsible for his/her own wrongdoings is absurd.
  5. Sometimes, white knighting may even get oneself into serious trouble. Phil Fish, for example, decide to defend Zoë Quinn by posting inflammatory speech on Twitter, resulting in his company being hacked and having important information leaked.
    • Another example is ArenaNet employee Peter Fries who white knighted Jessica Price, a Guild Wars 2 dev who insulted a well known streamer of the game and calling him "sexist" merely because the streamer disagreed with her. In turn, Fries was fired by ArenaNet along with Price.
  6. Some of them often make non-sensical or outright false claims.
    • Angry Joe once claimed that one of the reasons gamers hate Sarkeesian is because "she's earning too much", while the real reason is that she's appropriating the money donated to her among many other reasons.
    • Erica Friedman, again, on Anita Sarkeesian: "Every single complaint about Anita Sarkeesian is based in 100% pure misogyny." This is a commonly used excuse to shrug off criticism due to the fact that she cannot handle them.
  7. Some may showcase hypocrisy at times (or even betray their own opinions) and use lies that have been repeated many times by others, especially when the woman they defend has many wrongdoings.
    • For example, Angry Joe once stated on the subject of Anita Sarkeesian "whether she's a hardcore gamer or not she is entitled to her opinions". But, back in 2010 when he interviewed Geoff Keighley at the VGA, he challenged Keighley "Who selects the games? And what are their qualifications to select the games that get voted?" Sarkeesian is thus clearly NOT entitled to her opinion as she's discussing a culture she clearly has little to no knowledge of, unlike Joe himself who'd play the games he reviews for several days before giving his verdict.
    • Ernest W. Adams: "As for “Sargon”—he’s a coward. At least she has the guts to use her real name." This is exceptionally hypocritical as Sargon's name - Carl Benjamin, is only ONE GOOGLE SEARCH AWAY.