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What is good: Lying, being dumb and wimpy.

What Is Good (Russian: Научи Хорошему) is a Russian charity project (also available in English), consisting of a website, three YouTube channels and several social network accounts. It was created to "revive moral values in mass media". They mostly make reviews about popular media products.

Why They're Rotten

  1. They are ridiculously way too pro-patriotic and pro-Soviet. In fact, even other conservative bloggers think they act stupid.
  2. They promote irrational thinking. All of their reviews go down to: "If your kids behave badly, bad cartoons are to blame, you raised them right", "If a person drinks and/or smokes, mass media is to blame, it wasn't their choice." etc.
  3. Most of their arguments on why this or that media is good or bad are either weak or cut out of context:
    • For example, they used mods in Mass Effect and The Sims to prove that video games perverse us (though a mod isn't necessary to have a same-sex relationship in Mass Effect series, and you can't be a pedophile in a vanilla version of The Sims);
    • A big one, which proves that they either research poorly or blatantly lie: They claimed that Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator helped Hitler take over Europe by making his regime look goofy (the movie was being made while the Europe was being conquered,and came out when it was already conquered by the Axis for the most part, just in case) and that the leader himself wanted to award Chaplin for this (by executing him).
  4. They are paranoiacs, believing in scary stories about the New World Order and Freemasons.
  5. They believe in almost every conspiracy theory there is, including the following:
    • Every mass media corporation in the work works for one single aim (three guesses what aim they have);
    • USA and Israel governments are responsible for almost everything in the world,from the 9/11 (they are not sure, but find it possible) to Euromaidan and war in Ukraine;
    • They also complained about US Government "erasing Alex Jones", forgetting he wasn't the first person to get "erased";
    • Almost all countries take part in a conspiracy to slowly take over Russia, commit the genocide of Slavs and put the survivors in reservations.
  6. One of their favorite arguments is "In the Soviet Union everything was different, and we grew up good people". Yes, because watching only Soviet cartoons and living only by Soviet standards is apparently enough to make someone a good person. (To be fair though, in comparison, many people in USSR were indeed behaving way better than how many people in Russia these days behave. But it doesn't mean that there was no bad, unpleasant and scummy people,and many bad Russian people still grew up on such cartoons).
  7. They are pretty homophobic (they even supported Victor Drobysh when he was criticized for his joke about Brunei, calling it "his only decent joke") and are also prejudiced against feminist movement as a whole (Yes, feminist movement today is an absolutely disgusting mess with a lot of really nasty people in it, however, it doesn't mean that every feminist is like them or that feminism itself is necessarily something bad now).
  8. They are hypocrites and often use double standards:
    • They say that Disney (probably their favorite victim for their hypocritical double standards) promotes evil by showing tragic villains in their movies, but they really like a Dreamworks film Home. And what does it have? A tragic villain.
    • They say that showing evil in a funny way promotes it, and complain about humoring Hitler and Nazis, but what did Soviets do in WWII? Wrote songs and made cartoons, funny to them and offensive to Hitler.
    • They are also Anti-Semitic to Jews sometimes since they get a lot of hate from them. They even also labeled them as perverts at one point (what does this even mean, is being a Jew one's choice, and a bad one?)!
    • They often whine about their videos and accounts getting banned "to shut them up" (while they were actually banned for copyright issues and spam), however, sometimes they ban people whom themself cannot shut their mouths.
    • When they talk about the movie they hate but others like, they skip some of its good qualities and point out bad ones, calling them "the true moral". But when they talk about the movie they like, but others hate, they only talk about it briefly (their reviews of Home and T-34 are a good example).
    • Remember the "End of WWII anniversary" coin where the flags of USA, Britain, and France are pictured, but no flag of the Soviet Union or Russia? Well, they only noticed that and didn't even complain about the flag of China or Taiwan not being pictured.
    • They are anti-vaxxers, someone who would be poked fun at in glorious Soviet Russia.
    • Their motto is: "Bravery, comradely, openness is our power" which were the words said by Gorbachev, you know, the man they should hate because he is responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  9. They are incredibly stupid, believing in such things like 25th frame and that all cartoons must be for kids and adult cartoons are made to perverse them. They also don't understand how the "Overton Window" actually works.
  10. They hate every single anime, a problem which many Russian moral guardians have,with the only source of their negative review on the whole genre being the article made by a person who introduced herself as a former anime fan, and the article itself has many errors.
  11. They thoroughly deny history of the world as we know it - They are always sure that Russia has been where it is for over 10,000 years, has been an antagonist to Europe since the beginning of time (though the world isn't 10,000 years old even according to the Bible) and that Slavs are the purest and most master nation on Earth (while they are not even a separate race).
  12. They are rabid lifestylers. They can't tell the difference between "drinking alcohol" and "being drunk".
  13. They said that Rammstein promotes both fascism and pederasty when those ideologies cannot get along at all.
  14. They constantly act like they are the victims. Any argument they use against their critics is utterly stupid, like "she has a goat mask", "he has an American flag", or something completely senseless.
  15. They tried to ban Masha and the Bear and Tom and Jerry for kids under six, and used very weak arguments on why these cartoons were so "bad" for them. Funnily enough, In revenge, Animaccord (the creators of Masha and the Bear) made an episode mocking What Is Good (Episode 58).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of their reviews are fair. Examples: Avatar: The Last Airbender, 14+.
  2. Their theme song, "What Is Good", is nice and catchy.


Безумный Билл (translated in Brainsick Bill) rants on their Masha and the Bear review
Brainsick Bill's commentary on their reviews of Marvel and DC Comics movies
Brainsick Bill's commentary on their review "Childhood at risk: HARMFUL CARTOONS"
Brainsick Bill's commentary on their Орёл и Решка (Heads and Tails) review
Brainsick Bill's commentary on their video "How fighting games and shooters became useful"

Some of Their Reviews

"Good" media (green-lit)

  • Every Soviet cartoons
  • How to Train the Dragon 1 & 2 (6+)
  • T-34 (12+)
  • Good News
  • Rogue (12+)
  • Paddington 2 (6+)
  • Fixies: The Big Secret (6+)
  • Lion (16+)
  • Kiki's Delivery Service (6+)
  • Kubo and Two Strings (10+)
  • Home
  • Moonzy/Luntik
  • Kung Fu Panda (except the third movie)
  • Some more...

"Controversial" media (yellow-lit)

"Bad" media (red-lit)

  • Almost every Disney and Pixar film (especially Frozen)
  • Almost every anime (expect for Hayao Miyazaki's works, though they hate them as well because, of course, Miyazaki created them only to help the Rotten West lure Russian children into a trap)
  • Almost every superhero film
  • Kikoriki
  • Almost every rap song
  • Shrek
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Minions (2015)
  • The Angry Birds Movie (All the four points except for "Drugs" is red, "Drugs" is yellow)
  • Hotel Transylvania 3 (All the four points except for "Drugs" is red, "Drugs" is yellow)
  • 14+ (All the four points except for "Violence" is red, "Violence" is yellow)
  • Many, many other media...


Russian website

English website




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