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What in tarnation!?

Westaboos are non-westerners who devote the Western culture (American, Canadian, or sometimes Latin American (Because North America, South America, Carribean, and Central America are in the western hemisphere.)) and behave in a stereotypical Western manner.

Why They're Rotten

  1. They don't just see Western culture as a unique culture. Instead, they see this culture like it was founded by Jesus Christ. Westaboos also exalt games, movies, cartoons, and other products made in the West. Including the popular ones. 
  2. They disparage their home country. They would cross the line by being hypocritical since they hate non-western countries yet some would be born in a non-western country.
  3. Since we are talking about Western culture. It's safe to assume that they clearly hate anime or non-Western products. They would also hate non-Western countries.
  4. They keep saying that anime is unrealistic despite the fact that western media can also be unrealistic. For example, they would complain about a Japanese made character getting slashed up and somehow dancing around alive, being able to soften anything by touching, having temporary copies of parts of a body including the eyes and ears, etc. On the other hand, they don't seem bothered by a Western-made character surviving from an anvil falling down, jumping into books, getting bitten by a radioactive spider thus having abilities of a spider, etc. Proof.
  5. They ignore the fact that they are disrespecting the Western culture without noticing that they are disrespecting it by acting xenophobic.
  6. Some of them are Cartoonaboos as well since many cartoons are western.
    • It's also safe to note that many of the westaboos exalt Disney like it was one of God's gifts.
  7. They would mispronounce Western words For example, they would say things like "what's appu dokku" instead of "what's up doc". This is a sign that westaboos are disrespecting the Western culture. 
  8. They believe that following the path of a cowboy (or anything else that is American) is more superior than any other path (such as the samurai or the hessian. With that said, they are hypocritical when saying this because their origins are not American.
  9. They dislike certain types of people just because "they are not attractive like Americans" which is VERY offensive.
  10. They are so picky about certain types of Western people. For instance, some would only like a certain Western person to be pale but would get mad if they see a Western person having tan skin.
  11. Inability to take criticism. That's all we really need to say.
  12. They think they know a lot about the West, even though they would only set their minds on certain aspects of the West such as American food, American Football, American cars, cowboys, Disney, etc.
  13. These selfish morons think that comics and cartoons can beat anime and manga in a snap just like it's polar opposite albeit different. 
  14. They would complain about a certain Western game being unpopular in Japan. Proof
    • This can also apply to some cars or shows not being popular in Japan.
  15. They think that they can learn English just by watching cartoons. It takes more than just cartoons to learn English. Why not go to an English language class.
  16. They see English-speaking celebrities as Gods! They also have obsessions with certain features they have such as fashion.
  17. It’s safe to assume that they are xenophobic towards non western countries (japan is an example).
  18. They ignore the fact that some Western shows are based on foreign shows such as America's Funniest Home Videos being based on Fun TV with Kato-chan and Ken-chan or American Ninja Warrior being based on Sasuke, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers being based on Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger, etc. So basically, they are contradicting themselves since they hate non-Western products.
  19. Some would wish that they were born in the U.S. This is proof that the westaboos are also ungrateful.
  20. Their mindsets think that the average American would have blond hair when it's not true since some can have different hair color
  21. The westaboos never forgave the Japanese after WWII and still can't move on. Oh come on, Japan literally changed and WWII is over anyway so MOVE ON!
  22. They have an obsession with American weapons as if they want to go to war just so they can try to slaughter other parts of the world that aren't the West. Especially when the most deadly and powerful weapons come to mind.



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So the opposite of a weeaboo?


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"The westaboos never forgave the Japanese after WWII and still can't move on. Oh come on, Japan literally changed and WWII is over anyway so MOVE ON!" Not to mention that the reason why Japan was that way during WWII Was because it was under Imperial And Dictatorship Rule under time.

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