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Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 30 reasons why we're on Rotten Websites Wiki!
Type of site: Top 10
Pop Culture
Language: English
Created by: Ashkan Karbasfrooshan
Raphael Daigneault
Christine Voulieris
Date of launch: June 14, 2005
Status: Active

WatchMojo is a Canadian-based privately held video content producer, publisher and syndicator website.

The Top 30 reasons why There on Rotten Websites Wiki

  1. Most of their Top 10s rely on their fanbase to give suggestions, hence the meme "running out of ideas".
    • This is also because they upload their lists too often (five lists per day) which makes the idea of "running out of ideas" more true to the definition.
  2. Some top tens show that they're gullible of the fact that "digital, cellphones and internet can replace everything". For example, in their "outdated tech" Top 10, they believe a smartphone camera has the same (or even exceeds) power as a several thousand dollar digital cameras.
  3. Some of their top tens have poor research. Sometimes, they cannot decide on what they're dealing with; whether it be for the most fatal, controversial, or even worst.
    • For starters, WatchMojo 90% of the time favors American research, likely due to America being the major root of most things (gaming, technology, creativity, etc) compared to other countries, which is incredibly biased regardless.
    • Another shining example is the "Top 10 Overhyped Inventions that Flopped" video, where they put the Wii on #5 despite it selling more than 100 million units as of 2013 and being one of the most appealing consoles to casual audiences.
    • Yet another good example is the "Top 10 Mario Games of All Time" video: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was listed, despite technically being grouped with the Yoshi franchise more so than the Mario franchise.
    • While talking about Super Mario Maker, the narrator says, "Hopefully we'll see it on the Switch soon. Please, Nintendo? Pretty please?", despite the fact that there was only one month left before Super Mario Maker 2 was to be released on the Switch. It's also worth noting that the game was announced on February 13, 2019, Nintendo Direct (three months prior), which should have been plenty of time to alter the script to account for this.
  4. They might list the wrong company behind whatever is being shown or misspell the name.
  5. Sometimes, their Top Ten Games lists rely on critic scores, which aren't usually the most trustworthy sources.
  6. Sometimes, there are background mentions in their top tens, but they never show up in the Top 10 list, not even in honorable mentions. For example, "Top 10 E3 Fails" had a clip of Destiny at E3 2014, but it was never broadcasted in any of the positions nor honorable mentions, another example is "Top 10 Disappointing Games of 2017" having a clip of 1-2 Switch, but not placing it in the Top 5. "Top 10 Field Trips Gone Wrong" had a clip that involved a high school teacher taking a student to a strip club which also involved the use of alcohol and tobacco for his eighteenth birthday, which also wasn't in the top ten or their honorable mentions.
    • For an Easter Egg mention; if you look up "watchmojo maplestory" on YouTube[1], Top 10 Worst Pay-To-Win Games is shown as the first few results, but MapleStory is not even on there.
  7. They uploaded their YouTube videos in 480p until 2015, when every other YouTube user by that time uploaded their videos in 720p or higher.
  8. Sometimes, the thumbnails are misleading. Top 10 Indie Game Cliches had a thumbnail of Terraria, but that game wasn't in the video, but if the person watched the video, its 16-bit character in the thumbnail is supposed to mean "retro graphics".
  9. When it comes to gaming, they expect indie developers to work hard as AAA developers like CD Projekt Red, Bethesda or even Microsoft Game Studios.
  10. They listed the Magnavox Odyssey #10 in their "Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles of All-Time", most likely because the Odyssey didn't age well despite the Magnavox being the first console to exist back in 1972.
  11. They have a history of stealing ideas for Top 10 lists from other YouTubers without their consent, sometimes even stealing list entries and quotes directly from the original YouTuber's video, which could be considered plagiarism. They also sometimes credit the "wrong" person for the commercials/trailers. 
  12. Their infamous "Top 10 Hated Disney Animated Shows" video, which earned the wrath of Gravity Falls fans after the show placed at #7 due to it being "too dark for younger audiences". They also put Monster High on the list despite it not being owned by Disney.
  13. Their choices can be predictable. If it's about the best video games, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will be #1 because they are often obsessed with Nintendo games and franchises, such as Super Smash Bros. and  The Legend of Zelda.
    • Additionally, their choices in general appear to focus more on nostalgia than objective arguments. In the aforementioned "Top 10 Mario Games of All Time" video, their top three picks are the worst contenders; they put Super Mario Odyssey at #3 behind Super Mario 64 and, in turn, Super Mario Bros. 3 despite most critics and casual players agreeing that Super Mario Odyssey is objectively better than both other games. On top of that, they neglected to mention certain bad qualities, such as the clunky camera control and tedious missions in Super Mario 64 and some occasional lackluster levels in Super Mario Bros. 3.
  14. Some of their videos try way too hard to incorporate jokes into the video more than explain why something is on the list like this one.
  15. Even in the videos that don't have too many jokes, the ones that are present are usually awkward, pointless, and unfunny.
  16. Odd choices in various VS videos such as Mario Kart 64 and Banjo Kazooie (even though they are some of the best N64 games of all time) beating Goldeneye 007 and Super Mario 64. Also, Bayonetta beating Kratos.
  17. In their "Pokémon vs Yo-kai Watch" video, they were extremely biased towards Pokémon and didn't give Yo-kai Watch a single point.
  18. They are extremely biased and show loads of favoritism towards the Hellboy franchise, basically putting the original movies in basically every superhero list that's good while demonizing the reboot and putting it in nearly every superhero list that's bad. They even rudely force Guillermo del Toro to make Hellboy 3 even though he has said it won't happen, showing they are toxic irate fans. They also say that these movies are the "glory days" of del Toro even though he's made good films before this. Also, del Toro didn't only direct these movies.
    • In fact, they chose Hellboy over Spawn in their "Hellboy versus Spawn" all because his movies were better than the latter.
  19. They sometimes have very hypocritical choices for selections on videos, for example, in the Top 10 Iconic Cartoon Characters of All Time and Top 10 Iconic Cartoon Animals lists, they ranked Bugs Bunny above Mickey Mouse, however, in their Mickey Mouse vs Bugs Bunny video, they chose Mickey as the winner.
    • The Cleveland Show was ranked the 6th worst TV Show of all-time and ranked higher than The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange. Popular opinion was that The Cleveland Show, though mediocre, is considered by many to not be one of the worst shows of all time.
    • Speaking of The Cleveland Show, it was ranked higher than shows such as Breadwinners, The Brothers Grunt, Planet Sheen, Chozen and Father of the Pride on "Top 10 Worst Animated TV Comedies". Popular opinion was that The Cleveland Show is considered to be better than all the other shows on the list.
    • As mentioned above, their infamous "Top 10 Hated Disney Animated Shows" video, which earned the wrath of Gravity Falls fans after the show placed at #7 due to it being "too dark for younger audiences". But get this, they ranked Gravity Falls the 3rd best Cartoon of the 2010s but it was done as an apology for before.
    • They added Sonic Unleashed in both their list of Best Sonic Games ever and their list of Worst Sonic Games ever
  20. They are insanely diverse about Disney, as much of their videos are focused on them, but in a mixed bag, some of their videos can range from videos looking like they were made by a fanboy to anti-Disney videos, most notably top 10 lists about times where Disney was made fun of, plus, in "Top 10 Iconic Cartoon Animals", they even used a clip of Mickey's South Park portrayal as a way to close his section, which can be insanely offensive to Mickey Mouse fans.
  21. Whenever Sonic is brought up, they will try to make any jabs to Modern Sonic as they can, while giving heavy praise to Classic Sonic. Like in their Top 5 Ways to Make Sonic Good Again, their list is in a nutshell, "Sonic must be devolved back to 2D to be good again!", which is a generic and baseless excuse used by nostalgiatards and it has nothing to do with the game's quality whatsoever.
  22. Similarily to IGN, they are biased against Sonic the Hedgehog and love angering its fans for no particular reason.
  23. They also hold a heavy bias towards other franchises, such as Star Wars (with the exception of the prequels) and The Simpsons.
  24. Horrendous additional channels like JrMojo, which have made stupid reasons to hate something good like Mary Poppins.
  25. Sometimes, they give harsh titles to their lists.
  26. Many of their later videos cover subjects that are very boring and/or random, leading many to speculate that they have run out of ideas.
  27. Its fanbase isn't any better, as sometimes, there are arguments about the rankings (most of the time relating to something being ranked lower than another), a good example is "Top 10 Sentient Vehicles", where most of the comment section consists of people raging about K.I.T.T from Knight Rider and Christine from the eponymous film being ranked lower than Thomas the Tank Engine (whom by the way was ranked at Number 1), with some of them even using stupid arguments such as Thomas being a locomotive and not a car or him being a children's character, which are some of the stupidest arguments ever.
    • For example, in their "Top 10 Awful Truths About TV Shows We Love" video, they claim that How I Met Your Mother includes sexism, predation, and the garbage "good guy"; that Seinfeld includes racism, sexism, and homophobia; and that The Big Bang Theory is sexist and riddled with stereotypes.
    • In their "Top 10 Awful Truths About Animated Movies We Love" video, they claim that "The Incredibles" includes a minor getting his kicks from hurting others and that Scar from The Lion King is gay.
    • In their "Top 10 Awful Truths About Movies We Love" video, they claim that Elle from "Legally Blonde" relies on stereotypes, that Love Actually contains low-key sexism, and that Avatar has a white savior complex.
  28. Their music lists are poorly written.
    • In the list "Top 10 Important Albums in Thrash Metal History", they say that death metal is not allowed yet they include Symbolic by Death, which is a death metal album.
    • In one list they called Cliff Burton (from Metallica) a guitarist when that's false considering that he was a bassist.
    • In the list "Top 10 Progressive Rock Bands", they gave the worst presentations for Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and King Crimson. For Emerson and Lake & Palmer, they only included their ballads ignoring Karn Evil 9 and Tarkus. For King Crimson, they only included songs from their 1980s albums which aren't progressive, and ignoring songs from In the Court of the Crimson King and Red.
    • In the list "Top 10 Worst Singers" they said Lil Wayne's not a lyricist despite EMINEM saying he's one of the greatest lyricists of all time. They also put Lana Del Rey, and Britney Spears in the same list as Yoko Ono. This proves they don't do any research before making their Top 10s.
  29. They slammed Nicki Minaj calling her a horrible artist in the list "Top 10 Worst Singers" despite having multiple videos that praise her as a artist.
  30. By the way, Top 10 Videos are old and unoriginal

Good Qualities

  1. Helped bring birth to many "Top Ten" parody images memes.
    • In one SMG4 video, they made fun of them in their video called "SMG4: MarioTube 2", and it is hilarious.
  2. They apologized for naming Gravity Falls as one of their "Worst Disney Animated Shows", and later placed it at #3 in their "Top 10 Cartoon Shows of the 2010s" video.
  3. The VS videos are highly entertaining (with the exception of Pokemon vs. Yo-Kai Watch), such as N64 VS PS1. (Although many of them are heavily biased.)
  4. They are against YouTube's copyright trolls.
  5. They can be very informative at times.
  6. The voiceovers are pretty competent, with legendary voice actor Todd Haberkorn working with them on several occasions.
  7. They fixed YouTube Rewind 2019 and made it better.
    • What makes their version even better than YouTube's is that they paid tribute to Etika who sadly passed away that year.
  8. They sometimes make unbiased content by praising and criticizing certain medium.

Notable videos

These are their most famous videos. With the exception of "Most Disliked Videos on YouTube", these will also include videos with a much higher dislike-to-like ratio. This will also include WatchMojo Top 10's videos that have gotten viral with memes, etc. 

  1. "Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths"
  2. "Top 10 Hated Disney Animated Shows"
  3. "Top 10 Internet Trends that NEED to Die"
  4. "Top 5 Things Destiny 2 Managed To Improve From Destiny 1"
  5. "Top 10 Saddest YouTube Videos"
  6. "Top 10 Worst Singers"
  7. "Top 10 Most Overrated Video Game Franchises"
  8. "Top 10 Worst Hollywood Remakes"
  9. "Top 10 Anime Betrayals"
  10. "Top 10 Reasons Why the Star Wars Prequels are Hated" (The video on their YouTube channel with the highest dislike ratio at 89.9%)
  11. "Top 10 Good Songs by Terrible Bands"
  12. "Top 10 Reasons Why Bill Maher is Hated"


The one were they say Gravity falls is Bad, With over 54,000 dislikes and a dislike ratio of 68.4%, this is the top ten list that started it all.
Proof that believes that "cellphones, digital and internet" can replace everything.


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