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WatZatSong is a community website where you submit a song for people to identify.

Bad Qualities

  1. Trolls, although quite rare, will appear constantly, as there's apparently no IP blocking, especially this and this. There's one that went as far as vandalizing Real Life Heroes Wiki.
  2. If a duplicate sample made by the same user is posted, instead of merging it, it'll be deleted. This can be frustrating if someone followed that sample, not knowing it was a duplicate.
  3. There's no clear way other than the inability to post and your sample getting deleted, to tell if an account has been deleted or not, unless the Moderator tells about it.
  4. Once you accepted a proposal, you can't cancel it, even if you somehow accepted the incorrect proposal.
  5. The new site design is disliked by some. Many of the functions like the forums and becoming anonymous were removed.
  6. There's no way to tell if someone has messaged you other than the moderator saying "Check your mailbox", you checking your mailbox and being automatically emailed about it. This can be annoying as if you can't access your email, you'd have to constantly check your mailbox.
  7. You can't unsubscribe to your email if you sign up unless you want to delete your account. This can be annoying, thankfully you can bypass this.

Good Qualities

  1. Despite all the issues this site has, it still good enough to be on the Fresh Websites Wiki page.