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Vyond Wikis are various "wikis" made using FANDOM and function as a replacement for Vyond after the "non business themes" were removed.

Why They're Rotten

  1. As stated above, they function as a replacement for Vyond.
  2. The wikis's purposes are to do what Vyonders do best, churn out grounded videos, dead meat videos, killing videos, and more.
  3. The admins (and to an extent, the userbase) are underaged users which is already a bad sign.
    • Users RAGE IN ALL CAPS when criticized, they also send petty and immature death threats and often tell people they hate to kill themselves.
  4. They WORSHIP certain users that have pages on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki (Loser336 LynnLoud909 being an example).
  5. They're hypocrites, they attack people for swearing yet swear themselves (albeit censored).
    • They also tell people to shut up if they attempt to voice their opinions.
  6. Some of their ideologies include:
    • They think that the wiki takes place in a location in Fire Emblem Fates called the lakeside. (If one were to look it up, no such location exists).
    • They think that users they hate are part of the UTTP, and that they also like shows and movies they don't like.
    • They have the "good user, bad user" logic.
  7. They're really egotistical as well, they have rules that state that you are not allowed to criticize people they consider "good users".
    • They also cannot handle criticism, as they see it as threats.
  8. Extremely poor to terrible grammar for most users.
  9. They lie about people, like when they think Radmanh1a is part of the IGUA.
  10. There are five different versions of the wikis, V4 and V5 look almost identical.