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Vyond Wikis are various "wikis" made using FANDOM and function as a replacement for Vyond after the "non business themes" were removed.

Why They're Rotten

  1. As stated above, they function as a replacement for Vyond.
  2. The wikis's purposes are to do what Vyonders do best, churn out grounded videos, dead meat videos, killing videos, and more.
  3. The admins (and to an extent, the userbase) are underaged users which is already a bad sign.
    • Users RAGE IN ALL CAPS when criticized, they also send petty and immature death threats and often tell people they hate to kill themselves.
    • In fact, most of these wikis have NO admins, meaning they're extremely prone to vandalism. In fact, the main page is left unlocked.
  4. They overpraise notorious YouTubers (Loser336 LynnLoud909 being an example).
  5. They're hypocrites, they attack people for swearing yet swear themselves (albeit censored).
    • They hate shows and movies that are TV-MA, Rated R and NC-17, yet they like South Park and Family Guy.
    • They also like Deadpool, who's from an R rated film.
    • They also tell people to shut up if they attempt to voice their opinions.
  6. Some of their ideologies include:
    • They think that the wiki takes place in a location in Fire Emblem Fates called the lakeside. (If one were to look it up, no such location exists).
    • They think that users they hate are part of the UTTP, and that they also like shows and movies they don't like.
    • They have the "good user, bad user" logic.
  7. They're really egotistical as well, they have rules that state that you are not allowed to criticize people they consider "good users".
  8. Many of the drawings uploaded to the site were made using MS Paint.
    • They also cannot handle criticism, as they see it as threats and will most likely make grounded videos and killing videos out of them.
  9. Extremely poor to terrible grammar for most users.
  10. They lie about people, like when they think Ramadhan1a is part of the IGUA.
    • They also say Eijitheawesome likes opinion disrespecting.
    • They also say that Jeff 171 likes baby shows, when there is no proof.
    • They support Cartoon Police Groups, Generic Vyond Groups, and Anti-Cartoon Police Groups.
  11. There are five different versions of the wikis, V4 and V5 look almost identical.
  12. One of the site's founders (AnimeGamer1) has a tickling and foot fetish. She frequently posts various fictional character's ticklish spots as well as female character's favourite toenail colors.
    • She also claims she doesn't have one, yet uses it at every possible chance.
    • She also has a transformation fetish, as she has various characters turning into various monsters (these often have nothing to do with the character.)
  13. The users also abuse the canon of the video games by combining multiple franchises from different companies (Nintendo and Konami are the worst but SNK is also starting to get abused.), making up information, telling users that the characters are real, etc.
  14. They use the really bad -kiko insult.
  15. There is various information copy-pasted from wikipedia. One page has an artwork of a chimera that was stolen from the DND 5th edition monster manual without giving credit.
  16. They often tell people they don't like to get out of their wiki. This shows that they cannot take criticism at all.
  17. They called Donald Trump a bad user, a terrorist, a bad superhero, a big time troublemaker, and a bad guy.
  18. You can get blocked unfairly for various reasons such as criticizing users or editing pages.
  19. One grounded video has Jimbo Jones (one of the bullies from The Simpsons) grounding Eric Cartman and Nelson Muntz just for eating one of Caillou's sister's birthday cake. This is because some users like South Park while others don't.
    • Also, Homer Simpson arrests Eric and Nelson despite being a nuclear safety inspector. Mr Burns can also take their souls despite being the owner of a power plant. They even claim that Weatherstar4000video (a well-known Vyonder for making grounded videos out of fan-made Mario characters) made the video when he didn't.