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One of the most used Vyond clones.

Vyond clones are websites made by Vyond users that copy Vyond. they started after Vyond removed the non-business themes. Although Wrapper Offline (the current Vyond clone) was made after the legacy videomaker was retired on the original site.

Why They're Rotten

Most Vyond Clones

  1. They are basically made just so people can continue making grounded videos. The sites mainly exist just for people to get the Comedy World theme back.
  2. They are technically copyright infringement. many themes (including Comedy World) are taken from Vyond without their permission, meaning Vyond can easily sue these sites.
  3. Some of the clones claim you can make grounded videos with them, but when you click on the "Make a video" button, nothing really happens. an example is FutureAnimate.
  4. A couple people want to keep the latest Vyond Rip-off "GoAnimate Remastered" such a secret to the point of refusing to reveal the link in public (possibly to avoid a C&D from Vyond themselves) This means the only way to get the new videomaker is ask someone on Discord, Hangouts, Email or any other private message place.
  5. They often complain about the websites being patched, yet they never give up when it comes to making their own Vyond website.
  6. Unoriginal names on some of the websites, they are just a positive word with the word "Animate' at the end.
  7. Some of them, like GoAniFire, used too much copyrighted custom assets in the program such as the infamous Caillou t-shirt in Comedy World. Not only that but some of the newer torsos were stolen from Plotagon.

Wrapper Offline

  1. The iMac version of Wrapper Offline doesn't work as it's actually a computer virus scam.
  2. They added the Dog voice with the English American flag which was stupid because dog language isn't English.
  3. In the "GoAnimators" list in the stock characters, a few avatars there are outdated, such as NathanSB's, Samster's and CyansWorldCartoon's avatars.
  4. Videos made in Wrapper Offline can get corrupt cheaply, such as through imported assets, text bubbles, and even by saving and closing.
  5. The site could also be a carbon copy of Vyond studio only in non-business version since both of them have more than 1 actions and the Comedy World torso along with the option to delete characters.
  6. Whenever you record a video, the video player would sometimes end up stuck.
  7. Too many illegal and copyrighted themes in the site like the Ben 10: Alien Force and Chowder themes and because it's offline, they can easily get away with it.

Redeeming Qualities

Most Vyond Clones

  1. Some of them are meant to be jokes, even though that's a rare occurrence.

Wrapper Offline

  1. A couple new GoAnimators for the stock characters and the new voices are good.
  2. Thankfully, most (if not all) of the developers are able to accept criticism and are willing to contribute to improving the platform.


List Of Vyond Clones

  • GoAnimate Remastered
  • GoAnimate Wrapper
  • Wrapper Online
  • Wrapper Offline
  • FutureAnimate
  • HoverAnimation
  • IncredibleAnimate
  • Cool Animation Company
  • SuperAnimate
  • AlexAnimate
  • GoodAnimate
  • CoolestAnimate



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Good page!

Transit Vultran

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I plan to use one of those, but definitely not for grounded videos.


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At least Wrapper: Offline credited Vyond for assets.


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I used Wrapper to mock common GoAnimate/Vyond tropes.


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GoAnimate, the platform that just refuses to die.


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