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VoidBurger and ChipCheezum.jpg
Not even Bubble Bass would order Voidburger.
Real name: Jessica Faye O'Brien
Also known as: Voidburger
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Domain: YouTube

Voidburger (real name Jessica Faye O'Brien) is a YouTube let's player and artist.

Why She's Rotten

  1. She has a huge habit of plugging her content in her posts on social media.
  2. Notably, she used the publicity she got from being perma-banned from Something Awful by trying to draw attention to one of her videos, posted a link to one of her streams, right after insulting a Muslim woman who opposed her ideals, and very non-subtly asked people to watch her and her friends' videos after JonTron and PewDiePie received backlash for perceived racism in early 2017.
  3. She bashes JRPGs for no reason other than being "too long" and "boring".
  4. Void thinks less of people who attempt to recommend her JRPGs regardless, calling them "nostalgia-blinded" - something most other people would consider a minor annoyance at most. She has been seen getting outright hostile to people who try to do so.
  5. When someone called her out on her rudeness, she defended herself by saying that being rude to her fans was necessary to stop a small minority of weird people from latching on to her - a problematic mindset, put succinctly.
  6. On the Something Awful forums, she had a habit of posting links to movie streams she was hosting, continuing even after she was repeatedly told it was against the rules and probated for it.
  7. Very forceful of her beliefs as an SJW, such as supporting Brianna Wu and being Anti-Trump.
  8. She's anti-GamerGate.
  9. Hostile responses towards mundane questions, examples include: being hostile towards one such question asking if she was a dog or cat person, she bashed the asker stating that dogs are being put on pedestals and cats are better.
    • This led to several people calling her out on it, with many remarking that it typified her general demeanor on the Internet.
  10. Things got heated when one anonymous user questioned her disdain for people dumping cats on others when she ostensibly did just that; her reply indicates the situation was forced on her, though she still acts aggressively and calls him a troll. Subsequent banter between the two only showed how needlessly angry Void could get.
  11. Very hypocritical: As mentioned before, she will beat herself up when a person of lesser privilege than her trivially corrects her - and yet when another less-privileged person attempts to call her out on her less-than-stellar behavior, she viciously insults them (see "Clashing with a Muslim woman" below for specifics). Also, she often attacks non-PC people for using strawman arguments, despite being just as guilty of them. Most egregious is her claim that the Kiwi Farms' screenshotting and mocking her (public) online activity counts as stalking her, despite being complacent when others to just that to Internet personality Jonathan "JonTron" Jafari. This is presumably because she despises his open mockery of PC culture - she has outright called him racist before.
  12. Further evidence as to how she handles this cognitive dissonance comes from a series of comments she made on Imgur regarding satire - she believes that it must punch up to be effective and not bigoted. When asked how to quantify "power" (since its nebulous definition left an open door for abuse), she never satisfactorily answered.
  13. Similarly, she regrets some of her older videos due to her use of non-PC words, like "retarded".
  14. She encourages a rather toxic fanbase willing to defend her against all reason.
  15. Unwarranted self-importance.
  16. Failed attempts at being witty.
  17. She also has a habit of politicizing things - for example, upon seeing a joke on Imgur that (at worst) is mildly offensive to women, she went on a lengthy spiel about how it reflected society's views of women and encouraged others to report it to the site's moderation for sexism. More jarringly, a picture of a young girl creating a method of drinking water while playing video games led to her bringing up bigotry towards "fake gamer girls".
  18. She is willing to defend feminists who have done objective wrongs - for example, her reaction to an anonymous person on ask.fm explaining how Zoë Quinn had cheated on her boyfriend (and, in an admittedly over-the-top fashion, calling her a "monster") was to call them a monster just for thinking that, and excusing her actions by ignoring everything else she had done and bringing up other, tangentially related public figures who had done the same. Similarly, she insulted her ex-boyfriend on Imgur when the chance arose and eventually attempted to shut down the conversation when others pointed out how excruciatingly poorly she had treated him.
  19. She has also defended pedophile Sarah Nyberg.
  20. On a more surreal note, she also believes that sex workers are always sex-positive, and refuses to believe anything to the contrary.
  21. She tends to conflate criticism of her views with attacks on her character. She left ask.fm in favor of the similar site curiouscat.me due to this ostensible harassment, and continues to respond to people who oppose her with unwavering hostility. Even then, she would later outright try to report someone who criticized her on curiouscat.me to the site's Twitter account.
    • When confronted about this conflation, she reasoned that continuous criticism of her character is essentially harassment.
  22. She and her followers have a habit of degrading groups and individuals she doesn't like. As just one example, she spent a considerable amount of time insulting anything anti-feminism on the image-hosting site Imgur. This especially applies to people who don't follow her political ideology, to the point where she'll call them "babies" or "monster(s)", among other things. This carries over into less significant manners - she expressed her dislike of Twin Perfect, a YouTube channel that analyzed the Silent Hill series (in a shallow manner, according to her) and made some mildly offensive jokes, by calling them "spiteful, hateful, asinine creatures". At times this inability to tolerate others' opinions can get outright petty - she believes that no one in their right mind would like Funko Pop figurines, for example. While it is a relatively small moment, it shines a light on her overall mindset.
  23. She refuses to stop engaging with people who degrade her - she routinely responded to and mocked negative comments on social media, which forms a good portion of this very article's sources. Indeed, she outright remarked that she "will probably always post their hilarious tantrums about my non-tantrums".
    • This flies in the face of the most common advice regarding trolls and harassment - responding to them will only lead to it continuing. It took her years for this to finally sink in.
  24. Not even her fans are safe - Void often gets angry with her followers when they displease her, be it attempting to give her advice or simply attempting to help her with something she asked of them.