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This started the whole #WTFU (Where's the Fair Use)

On February 2007, Viacom filed a lawsuit against YouTube for $1,000,000,000 due to copyright infringement on their shows like Rocko's Modern Life, The Daily Show, SpongeBob SquarePants, and many other programs owned by Viacom, and they demanded to pull their content from YouTube at the time. Viacom, now known as ViacomCBS, still claims videos to this day.

Why It's Rotten

  1. Many YouTube users were banned from YouTube because of this.
  2. They even claimed content they didn't even own. For example, they claimed Sesame Street clips from the Noggin airings because it had the Noggin screenbug. heck, they even claimed both a Mass Effect playthrough and a Mass Effect video from BIOWARE'S OFFICAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL!
  3. Reviewers like Nostalgia Critic or The Mysterious Mr. Enter had to find another video sharing site as their review were claimed by Viacom.
  4. Fandubs of certain Nickelodeon shows were even claimed by Viacom.
  5. Even if it's a short clip, Viacom will still claim it.
  6. Because of this controversy, certain YouTube channels often record Viacom-owned clips by pointing a camera at the TV, speeding up the video and/or pitching it up, or putting a border and/or making it small instead of it being uploaded to a video program (via a capture card) to avoid anymore copyright strikes.


A boycott video against Viacom from the user therealweeklynews.
A short sketch on Viacom vs. YouTube from the user TheVossBos.
An episode of EmpLemon's YouTube Geographic about the Viacom vs. YouTube case.




3 months ago
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the world was claimed by Viacom


one month ago
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Viacom once took down videos for the game "Mass Effect". The catch? They took the videos down from BioWare's channel.

Warner Music Group isn't any better. They even got the official Sesame Street YouTube account banned.


one month ago
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Viacom is greedy too much


26 days ago
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viacom is good outside of youtube unfortunately.

The Autistic Raccoon

21 days ago
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ViacomCBS? More like ViacockCBT. (Sorry if I sound like a Vyondfreak.)

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