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An example of Vandalism

In internet terms, vandalism refers to taking an article on Wikipedia, Wikia/Fandom, or Miraheze and inserting nonsensical text or information. The people who do this act are known as vandals, and they are indeed very notorious.

Why They're Rotten

  1. They come from various different toxic fandoms and hatedoms, too many to name.
  2. They repeatedly mess up Wikipedia, Wikia/Fandom, and Miraheze with their nonsense.
  3. They also cause edit wars with other editors of admins, some because they're butthurt, or some only for their own amusement.
  4. Most of them are trolls, manchildren, little kids, or even edgelords.
  5. A lot of them do this either because they love the subject so much, they take their hate on it too far, they want to put memes because they think it’s funny, when if you vandalize then it, or they want to put hate memes/quotes just because they hate something, they can't take criticism or they don't accept different opinions.
  6. Some of them vandalize pages by putting irrelevant and absurd information on the pages and attempt to justify it. For example, speculative edits with no reliable source, or edits that compare subjects for no reason.
  7. They can also vandalize articles to show their "superiority" over other groups.
  8. The edits that they do can even be on websites that are supposed to be child-friendly, which results in children coming across content that is inappropriate for them on websites that are labeled as otherwise. Examples include the Caillou Wiki and the Dora the Explorer Wiki.
  9. They gave Wikipedia a very bad name.
  10. Some vandals are anons who sow Discord in each site by ruining their pages without detection of identity, through not making legitimate accounts.
  11. Being their own undoing, they write the other editors, admins, and even themselves very bad records on the page histories of corresponding wikis.
    • And in most cases, they most of the time will have their accounts globally locked.
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