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Jump to navigation Jump to search is an online community for the Gothic–industrial subcultures. It was created by site owner Jet Berelson in 1999. It began with a small number of forums dedicated to Gothic–industrial music. Over the years it has grown to be a large social network, with millions of members.

Why they are rotten and not in a Gothic way.

  1. Many fake members of the alt culture use the site to come off as cool and edgy but comes off as pretentious and attention seeking.
  2. Many members are linked to various crimes.
    • Kimveer Gill, the perpetrator of the Dawson College Shooting, maintained an account on the website.
    • A triple homicide in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. In 2005, a 12-year-old girl and her 23-year-old boyfriend, whom she communicated with on, were charged in the murders.
    • Two Toronto men were charged with carrying out the bidding of a woman they met on the site by stabbing a 12-year-old boy 73 times, killing him, and drinking his blood.
    • The site has been linked to a church arson in Manitoba and the rape of two underage women in New York City and Texas.
    • In Australia, in 2007, a 47-year-old man and his 17-year-old son from Victoria were accused of using to create fictitious characters to meet under-aged women. On January 21, 2010, the man was found guilty of the murder of Carly Ryan, a schoolgirl he had groomed via MySpace.
    • In December 2007, in California, a 13-year-old girl posing as an adult met with a 23-year-old man on When it was found out they met in real life, he was arrested and found with photos of them kissing. The jury had reasonable doubt however, and the man was found not guilty on two of the charges.
  3. The site is also a hivemind for political correctness and social justice.
  4. VampireFreaks has a profile rating system, much like many other profile sites. Users can rate profiles on a scale of one to ten, according to the quality and content of the profile, the appeal of the profile pictures, the user's tastes in music or merely the rater's whim. The rating system has its rewards, namely a moment's recognition on the front page's "top rated" feature. Thus completing an otherwise meaningless existence of a sad-sack-drac. This recognition lasts usually less than a minute, as the previously top-rated person inevitably will down-rate the new top-rated profile and ask his/her/its e-friends to do so as well. Due to the widely popular "10 and you're in" motto, rating a fellow member with anything less than a perfect 10 will result in massive butthurt and/or drama. VampireFreaks also has a daily "featured member" spotlighted on the front page. It is widely believed that the featured member is the user who sends the most noodz to the site admin before midnight.
  5. The journals written by the users also try to be poetic and romantic yet it fails to do so.
  6. Speaking of attention seeking the site has many users who do outlandish stuff and claim they are not mainstream.
  7. The advice forums is filled with petty useless first world problems and wikihow quality of self help instructions.
  8. Poor merchandise is sold through the site. And even by goth standards some of the fashion is not that well designed. The merchandise itself is also very overpriced.
  9. The Lounge forum was established as a refugee forum for users who had been banned or kicked from the Chat or flamed out of the Random Thoughts forum. To no surprise, it's full of even more pointless nonsense than Random Thoughts, only without newbs and other losers to flame. They call them 'random thoughts light.' Correction: The regulars in the Lounge try to be just as hard and asshole-ish as the random thoughts crowd that they strive to be like and admire. Only they do it by having hard gay sex in each other's assholes.
  10. Every musician who posts on the site is often claimed to be the most hardcore underground band but yet its just the same as any other band.
  11. Toxic arguments often happen even in the Intelligent discussion section of the site.
  12. The chat section is agrubably the most notable thing about the site. The comments are poorly spelled and filled with excessive amounts of slang.
  13. One cult called VF mafia is very Elitist.
  14. Its extremely prevalent with older adults flirting with underaged users.