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This hand is fully drawed by Jimin

V Live is a livestream app made by South Korean company NAVER. It is popular due of BTS, EXO & more K-Pop idols fanbases watching their livestreams. It was launched back at August 2015. It was technically launched at 2007, but availability was highly restricted and unavailable in many countries.

Bad Qualities

  1. There is no western celebrities, it is only South Korean ones.
  2. The site is infected with ARMY fangirls, notably when seeing Jungkook, RM or other BTS member, it is noted as a saesang fan.
  3. Most of the users aren't from South Korea, that's why the app is popular.
  4. Most of the CH+, and other things like V Live+ costs with money and it is too paid.
  5. Most of the users are 10-15 year old fangirls, notably there are also fanboys.

Good Qualities

  1. All K-Pop groups owns V-Live.
  2. You can love which livestreams you like.