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Type of site: Gaming newsblog
Language: English

Italian Polish Turkish

Created by: Patrick Garratt
Owner: videogaming247 Ltd.
Date of launch: February 1, 2008
Status: Active

VG247 (stylized as VG24/7) is a video game blog published in the United Kingdom, founded in February 2008 by industry veteran Patrick Garratt. CNET blog Crave ranked it as the third best gaming blog in the world.

Why They Are Rotten

  1. Just like most game journalist sites, they are anti-GG (GamerGate) and also an anti gamer in general.
  2. They called gamers loons during a review of Watch Dogs 2.
  3. They also insulted the Devil May Cry fanbase for not liking the reboot. Especially now there is a canon fifth game in the series.
  4. They mock their own audience multiple times. They also stated that video game developers should not listen to their fans even though companies like CD Projekt Red has built a very solid relationship between fans and developers and Rockstar Games defending their own fans from the controversies related to their own games.
  5. They defended Battlefield V against negative criticism and have even advocated for more forced-in diversity.
  6. They also attacked apolitical video game writer Chris Avellone for being going against the notion of "all entertainment is political".
  7. They have several instances of violating FTC rules.
  8. They can't take criticism ironically when called out anti-GG journalists and corruption within the video game industry, they pulled support from them off their website.
  9. They do not know a majority of games. They once got Uncharted 2 confused with 'Uncharted 4, to the point where Sony forced VG247 to apologize. Even Niel Druckmann was also extremely annoyed with them as well.
  10. The deputy editor has insulted and mocked a transgender on Twitter over a review of Dishonored 2, which led to a backlash against VG247.
  11. They did a very horrible job interviewing the creator of Yakuza and they attacked pro-GamerGate site niche gamer for doing a better job of the interview and they also had to attack them for being fans of Yakuza as well.
    • They even endorse violence against anybody who disagrees with them politically.
  12. They attacked Ubisoft for their apolitical stance on developing games. Such as attacking Ghost Recon for its lack of political message.
  13. Hypocrisy runs rampant as they were happy for Mortal Kombat 11 to be on Evo but not Dead Or Alive 6.
  14. They also enjoy bashing Japanese games as well too.
  15. They also are really greedy attacking anybody who uses Adblock.
  16. They also pulled support from due to them being anti-corruption within game journalism.
  17. They also falsely accused Kotaku In Action of hacking into Kirk Mceand's Twitter.





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