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The article in a nutshell.

"To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing."

Elbert Hubbard

While it is understandable that most people don't like receiving negative criticism, that criticism is not meant as an attack against the user. Negative criticism is meant to inform viewers about a poor quality video or poor behavior on internet and help the users understand when they do something wrong so they can improve in the future. While there are users that try to take the criticism that they were given and eventually improve themselves, making them more respectable users, there are still those users that see negative criticism as a threat to their profits and will do anything they can to try to stop said criticism instead of taking it and improving their channels and content. This is a problem that happens very commonly on social media.

When these users receive negative criticism towards their account, or their YouTube channel, they usually respond by deleting negative comments in threads whenever possible and banning any users who post those comments, attack the critics under the excuse that the critic wants to hurt their business, send threatening messages, cry "harassment", etc.

Examples of Users Against Criticism

A example of a user can't take criticism by saying his reasons were invalid.
Here another one.
  1. MaSTAR Media: He calls his critics "haters" and says they're jealous of him. He also gives a user a false copyright strike because he criticized him and called Toei an SJW just because they had one of his videos down.
  2. Mat Brunet: He and his fans bash on people who say that he is taking Sony Pictures Animation way too seriously (Though this has been toned down over the years, but still). He also said that all of Yoshi Player's criticisms towards his channel were invalid. He also disrespects positive opinions on Vic Mignogna or Donald Trump.
  3. Butch Hartman: He said on a stream that if you don't make cartoons as he does, you're not allowed to criticize him.
  4. Matias Oyarzo (Peluchin Entertainment): Whenever he gets criticized, usually for killing his cat, "Jason", he will reply with "Son todos unas perras resentidas, es solo un puto gato" that translates to "You are all just a bunch of resentful bitches, it's just a fucking cat".
  5. Anita Sarkeesian: She accuses anyone who critiques her as harassers and misogynists. Famously has the comments disabled for all of her YouTube videos as a response to criticism. To add insult to injury, she insulted her critics at Vidcon 2017.
  6. Pedophiles: They are infamous for sexually harassing underaged minors, and they online date on many social media sites, as well being a serious crime. They also defended the movie "Cuties".
  7. Digital Homicide Studios: They tried to sue Jim Sterling and later 100 steam users to court all because they didn't like their games, which soon led to them being banned on Steam and the company is defunct.
  8. Steve Shives: He deletes any comments that disagree with his viewpoints.
  9. Jake Paul: If he gets criticized, his fanbase will use the infamous "Dab on them haters" line on anyone who criticizes him.
  10. Jade: He deletes anyone's comment on his videos that says anything about him tracing other animators.
  11. Julia Vickerman: She would block anybody who brought up her controversies.
  12. Juju O Returns: He attacks anyone who declines that he is the real Juju O, by raging at them and even calling them the N-Word.
  13. Dark & Twisted: In every description of his videos, he says that he will delete any hate comment and block the person who commented the "hate". He also says that he doesn’t believe in constructive criticism because he says that it is "A poor excuse haters use to knock you off your feet." He says that no one has the right to criticize one's content because it’s they're own content and they can do whatever they want as long as they don't break the rules.
  14. Antoons: He falsely claimed Toony The Loon’s Toons' rant on his videos. He also commented on a rant by Daniel T. Gaming, in which he said that his reasons aren't valid.
  15. Verlisify: He is very terrible at handling criticism and will always have a negative response towards it. For example, on Twitter, he blocked those who criticize him which proves that he can't handle the slightest form of criticism. He also makes excuses about the blocking to avoid drama, which just makes the problem much worse. And on YouTube, when someone makes a video on him, he tries to start drama with the opposing YouTuber rather than taking criticism in a response video, and he also disables the like/dislike ratio on his rant videos.
  16. Suzy Lu: She frequently moderates the comments on her videos, and removes any negative criticism she gets under the excuse of "creating a positive environment". After the recent controversy in which she falsely flagged someone for using a clip from one of her videos, she has set her Twitter to private. She has, on more than one occasion, insulted the people who criticize her, and writes it off as "hate". She has implied that she will flag other Youtubers just for criticizing her, but this is only implied. What makes this more problematic is that YouTube DEFENDED her for her actions by taking down John Swan's video for criticizing her and making fun of her forehead. YouTube even rejected his appeal and ended up giving John Swan a warning on his channel, therefore censoring him.
    • As a result of YouTube stating on Twitter that they denied any copyright abuse and false flagging from Suzy Lu, YouTube received huge backlash for this decision.
    • On the bright side, John Swan was able to upload the uncensored version of his video on Bitchute. He even allowed people to download and upload his uncensored video on different video platforms.
  17. YandereDev: He deletes people's posts and comments who are giving him criticism on r/yandere_simulator subreddit and he bought the subreddit for $3,000 (a violation of Reddit's rules) to ban people and silence criticism in it, false copyright strikes videos about him on YouTube and bans people on his Discord server even they've asked a question about his game.
  18. Derek Savage (Creator of the Cool Cat franchise): He falsed copyright striked 3 critics of the movie, one in particular (I Hate Everything) was bullied, harrased and threathened by Derek. He even went as far as to impersonate a law firm just to terrorize the former.
  19. Strawberry Milk: She will block anyone who tries to tell her to stop stealing/tracing other people's artwork and OC's and would delete comments and block people that call out her shittyness. She would also change her usernames on her social media she is most active to make it harder for her account to be found. She would even private her social media accounts (mostly her Instagram) whenever something happens like an artist she traced finding out about Strawberry.
  20. Maïmouna Doucouré: (Director of Cuties): Defended Cuties possibly meaning that she can't take criticism on the movie.
  21. Wade Robson: Private his Twitter account and blocks anyone who criticizes and exposes him.
  22. James Safechuck: Same as Wade Robson.
  23. Ech0Chamber (Countryhuman artist): Made two hate art when they criticized her art for her fetish. Recently made fun on CountryHumans wiki by saying "Eat my shorts CountryHumans wiki since you guys know nothing about proper female anatomy." and made a hate art on the said wiki. Recently made a comment on a user septorex101 shown above.
  24. The Real Cost: They disable comments on their videos just to avoid criticism.
  25. Samantha (GothNebula): Using her Autism and admits that she can't take criticism. Also, she was trying to using the "I had a *Insert Mental Illness Here*" as an excuse.
  26. Matthew Davis: If you reply to something negative or even criticism on his channel, he'll rage like a little baby.
  27. Monica Rial: When Twitter user Probloodxwolf criticized her for actions, she replies sarcastically thanked the user for the tweet and says that she screenshotted it to send it to her attorney and law enforcement, which means she is trolling the user so she can send a screenshot of the tweet to her attorney.
  28. DaddyOFive: He blocked criticism before.
  29. Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic (creators of Teen Titans Go!): They make episodes dedicated entirely to mocking both the critics and fans of the original show whenever they get criticized in order to improve the show they worked on.
  30. Andrew Bryniarski: Mocked Gunnar Hansen's death which leads him to tell his critics to "suck Hansen’s dead nuts".
  31. Starman3: Turns his pdf to black and white whenever something negative happens to him in many different ways. He also starts complaining that everyone now hates him and everything, in fact, one time he said he downright hates it whenever someone talks about him behind his own back.
  32. Briclyn Forest: On sites like Twitter or Instagram, she would block people for calling her out, and on her YouTube channel, she would delete comments that criticize her so only the comments that support her would only appear.
  33. Rebecca Spark: Made a death threat just because someone said that her fake shows were not real.
  34. Vyonders: Some Vyonders are notorious for being unable to handle any criticism, as they will block the user who criticized them, rage at them in all caps, make prequel; killing; grounded; assaulting; punishment day or sequel videos out of them, false flag or false copyright strike people who dare criticize them. Nowadays, a few of them will even go as far as revealing the critic's personal information.
  35. Cosmodore: He closed down his YouTube channel the moment he was exposed for being a pedophile. When his channel came back, apart from making a horrible video response, he ended up deleting several comments that called him a groomer.
  36. Prision mate Luke: While not a bad YouTuber, he hasn't been the best with criticism recently. He responded poorly to two videos of a YouTuber called Just Stop who criticized his content. This has caused turmoil in his recent videos.
  37. DistantKingdom: He has caused some users who criticized him for his repetitive content to be harassed by his hive-minded fanbase. And he encourages people to "call out" those who either criticize him or disagree with him.
  38. Christine Weston Chandler: Pretty much everything he has said and/or done.
  39. Pokimane: Gave a false copyright strike against a video that compiled a Twitter fight between her and Keemstar.
  40. Seth Rogen: Argued with Dankula for the Nazi Pug incident when he wants a normal chat and criticized him, and insulting anyone who has different views compared to him like after making a comment of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement on Instagram.
  41. UnderdogBT: Often quotes the tweets of anyone calling him out.
  42. T. Greg Doucette: Makes threadnots of anyone calling him out.
  43. Kevin Durant: Often make burner accounts to defend his controversial move of leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors.
  44. Memetastic: When he gets criticized, he will call them "Toxicity" for the criticism he got.
  45. PETA: Not only they're infamous for killing animals since 1980, but they cannot handle criticism as they will resort to blocking people on Twitter who call them out for their lies.
  46. Brianna Wu: She got pissed off when GethN7 mentioned her game "Revolution 60" was a critical and commercial failure. She likes to label anyone who criticizes her as "children" and she also thinks that anyone who thinks her game is bad are simply "dudebros who don't understand game design".
  47. Goop: They try to avoid criticism with an excuse saying that science and medicine evolves all the time while their videos are uninformative since they describe what they're talking about in a vague meaning.
  48. Extra Credits: Tried to defend their video, Stop Normalizing Nazis by making a comment to justify it, saying that Nazis in video games don't "magically" make people turn into a Nazi nor a terrorist in real life. Many users decided to disagree with Extra Credit's defense, along with that, Extra Credits made a tweet on Twitter saying that political correctness matters in video games as they claim terrorists and Nazis shouldn't be character skins for players to try on. That same day, June 3, 2019, the Extra Credits community manager accused the user who disliked their video also unsubscribing from their channel.
  49. VG247: When called out Anti-GamerGate journalists and corruption within the video game industry, they pulled support from them off their website.
  50. Princess Ash: She hides on her Discord server and abandon all of her other accounts when she uploaded a new video that give her loads of backlash. At the start of her "THE 3000 IQ ARTIST" video and Instagram stories, she insulted people that called her out by calling them "furries" and "liars", even though most of them aren't and had good evidence against Madame. Along with that, she pretends to thrive off negative attention and pretends to think that she hasn't lost thousands of subscribers on her YouTube channel.
  51. Simps: If they get criticized and belittled by the female they worship, they will still support that said female as seen with InvaderVie as an example.
  52. Nostalgiatards: They will use childish and/or repetitive excuses such as how life was simple in their times, media today panders to political correctness, or is a consumerist product meant to see and make revenue. They don't realize that media isn't all about artistic value, they are also made to profit.
  53. Comment Bots: Whenever a video is made exposing them, they change their names randomly and make clone accounts with different names.
  54. Just Some Guy: If the user says anything that he does not agree with, he will resort to making false claims about the user or call the user a leftist.
  55. No Bullshit: When NFKRZ called him out in one of his videos, he responded with a video rebutting his claims with remarks which eventually lead him to being mocked by NFKRZ.
  56. MauLer: Similar to Turkey Tom, he feels the need to respond to everyone who criticizes him.
  57. Krystina Arielle: She said that "I don't have an ego. I am also not a bully. I have said repeatedly I don't owe white people a conversation about racism. I've been living with it. They've been doling it out. I am to entering a conversation where people are intent on not understanding me." she is literally attacking her own gender just because she is white.
  58. Cartoon Brew: If the user makes a negative comment that differentiates the opinion of the website, they will delete the user's comment and ban the user who wrote the comment from the website. They also have a tendency to block anyone who hates the website and/or it's owner on their social media.
  59. Ellen Pao (Former CEO of Reddit): She will censor any criticism directed at her, as well as anyone mentioning her countless anti-discrimination lawsuits, or her husband Buddy Fletcher and his economic and criminal troubles.
  60. The Sun: After Love Island (UK) presenter Caroline Flack ended her life on February 15, 2020, they removed all hate articles about her after many people criticized the paper for them.
  61. Xavier Pace: If the user criticized him, he along with his fanbrats will attack the user if he gets criticized.
  62. Xenophobes: Xenophobes will generally play the anti-censorship (CeNsOrShIp!) and/or freedom of speech (It'S FrEeDoM Of sPeEcH!) card just to escape criticism.
  63. Amber Heard: has blocked people on social media just for giving for minor criticism or making jokes about her.
  64. Paul Feig: When the Ghostbusters (2016) trailer was critically panned by users because of they were disappointed by the trailer's quality or had the feeling that the new additions weren't loyal to the original 1984 films of the same name. In response, he accused the haters of the films of being misogynistic towards the cast.
  65. Dinesh D'Souza: When his film called Hillary's America received nominations and wins at the 37th Golden Raspberry Awards, he said it was "petty revenge".
  66. Harvey Weinstein: Not only he's notorious for being a sex offender, but he's against criticism since he is also known to be ruthless and has fits of anger when someone doesn't agree with him.
  67. Kevin Spacey: He always blocks anyone who brought up his controversies such as his sexual allegations for an example.
  68. Zachary Edward Snyder: insulted fans of Batman by saying people who prefer him not killing need to "Get out of their dream world."
  69. Kirk Cameron: He reacted very negatively when Saving Christmas was universally panned. He pleaded his fans on his Facebook page with his godawful excuse of a response saying, "Help me storm the gates of Rotten Tomatoes. All of you who love Saving Christmas - go rate it at Rotten Tomatoes right now and send the message to all the critics that WE decided what movies we want our families to see. If 2,000 of you (out of almost two million on this page) take a minute to rate Saving Christmas, it will give the film a huge boost and more will see it as a result! Thank you for all your help and support in putting the joy of Christ back in Christmas." not only this response proves he cannot handle criticism, but it also proves he is egotistical. Further down the rabbit hole, his response resulted in massive backlash at the film, and on IMDB people rated the film very low to the point where it beat Disaster Movie for the top spot on the Bottom 100 list for the worst films and stayed there until it was beaten in 2015 by Code Name K.O.Z. with a score of 2.1, it is currently in sixth place for the worst film according to IMDB. Kirk Cameron blamed the film's failure and goddawful response on "haters and atheists".
  70. Rose McGowan: defended tweets apologizing to Iran after the series of missile attacks unleashed on to the U.S. forces.
  71. Corey Feldman: When music critic Anthony Fantano gave a negative review for his song "Angelic 2 The Core, he banned Anthony Fantano from attending any of his concerts.
  72. Teddy Sinclair: When she had a beef with X Factor New Zealand contestant named Joe Irvine and she proceeded to falsely accuse him of copying her husband just because he wore a suit and she started swearing him out disrespectfully which caused her to be fired from being a judge and was criticized for her bratty actions. She couldn't handle criticism because of her bratty behavior.
  73. The Infinite Soure (YouTube): Has told his critics to "fuck off".
  74. Fabian Wagner: Ignored any criticism that the lighting in some episodes of Game of Thrones was too dark, he also accused that people complaining about the lighting have eyesight problems and/or had their TV brightness too dark.
  75. Kit Harington: told fans who criticized Game of Thrones (Season 8) to "go fuck themselves".
  76. Hitomi Yoshizawa: When she got involved in a hit-and-run cause by her drinking above the legal alcohol limit on September 6, 2018. She received criticism about her actions on September 6, 2018. On September 28, 2020, she decided to quit the entertainment industry after receiving backlash based on her actions, proving she cannot handle criticism.
  77. Michele Knotz: has allowed her fans to sent death threats to anyone who criticized her.
  78. Tom MacDonald: Just like Amber Heard, he'll block anyone on Twitter who gives him minor criticism or making jokes about him.
  79. Dave Broome: When The Briefcase received negative reviews, he responded to criticism by saying critics of the show are misrepresenting his show.
  80. John Legend: When he made a politically correct version of "Baby It's Cold Outside" by Idina Menzel, he defended it by saying it's not preachy for all of the incorrect reasons.
  81. Danny Giovannini: Changed his comment twice of Stephan Hillenburg being aware of Kamp Koral in order for Danny to deflect his opinion in a miserable attempt to defend Kamp Koral from negative criticism of fans, mostly because Stephen Hillenburg was against the idea of aging down the characters for Kamp Koral.
  82. Jeffree Star: Tried to use the murders of Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and several black transgender females to deflect criticism from himself from drama he previously had.
  83. Howard Stern: responded to his former staffers' criticism to "go fuck yourself"
  84. Anthony Fantano: blindly defends Twitch Council's shady practices, telling those who criticize it to "shut the fuck up" and calling them "poor, stupid, and irrelevant".
  85. Trippie Redd: lashed out at Anthony Fantano after he gave his album Pegasus a 1/10, removed the song "They Afraid Of You" from streaming services due to fans saying Playboi Carti's verse made it the only good song on his album !
  86. Gucci Mane: insensitively told his haters to die of COVID-19
  87. DaBaby: was on XXL responding to hate comments, his only replies were "F*ck you" and "Imma beat you up".
  88. Sia: directed an upcoming movie called ''Music'', which proves that the whole film is about offending autistic people. What's more, right after the ''Music'' trailer was released, she receives a lot of backlashes from the viewers, and worst of all, she ''couldn't'' handle any slight of criticism over the backlashers and she slammed to the backlashes by saying to them: "‘You have no fucking idea.’".
  89. Doja Cat: insulted Anthony Fantano on IG Live for giving her album Hot Pink a 4/10
  90. Eminem: His album, Kamikaze, shows that Eminem can't handle negative criticism.
  91. Quadeca: took Twista's opinion seriously, and called Prettyboyfredo a "hoe" for stealing his videos, which sparked controversy between both, and it would just make his name worse
  92. Chance The Rapper: After the massive negative uproar caused by The Big Day, he started blocking on Twitter everyone who made even the slightest of criticism against the album. To make things worse, he was sued by his ex-manager Patrick Corcoran for unpaid commissions and breach of a contract. Corcoran even admitted that Bennett fired him and blamed him for the poor reception and sales of The Big Day.
  93. Oliver Tree: was doing his Twitch interview with Anthony Fantano, he got unnecessarily mad at him for giving his EP a 7/10 (which is a fairly decent score) and telling him that his Cal Chuchesta mixtape showed that he didn't know anything about making music. Many claimed he did this as a joke as he was dressed in his Turbo attire at the time, but the delivery and the sheer aggression of it didn't seem faked or acted out.
  94. Klaus Kinski: just like Christine Weston Chandler, Pretty much everything he has said and/or done.

Why This Move Is Rotten

  1. When users do this type of move on the Internet, this shows that they are incompetent in using the internet in general.
  2. The big issue is how some people can't accept any form of negativity, hate, or opposing points.
  3. They'll attempt to silence any criticisms they get about them or something they like.
    • And what's ironic is that sometimes they end up proving the points that people have said in their criticisms.
    • In addition, this actually causes criticism to grow louder rather than being silenced.
  4. This is a big factor in the downfall of numerous people or companies, as they can't accept their flaws and actions and instead attack those who call them out, which paints themselves in a bad light, and some of their fans/friends ending up betraying them.
  5. They will attack others who point out their flaws or even insult them.
  6. Nowadays, this move is almost overused.
  7. Many people who do this are likely egotists, manchildren, demonizers, terrorists, hypocrites, worshippers, vandals, moral guardians, SJWs, edgelords, etc.
  8. When it comes to certain people on the internet who can't take criticism, this leads to their own fanbase to share the very issue.
  9. They use bad excuses to defend themselves such as "It's made for kids", "It's Nature", or "If You Don't Like Don't Watch" excuses to try to pass things off as okay when they ain't.
  10. Some even ignore any redeeming or good qualities listed in the criticism if they exist.
  11. They can end up being giant hypocrites for the matter.
    • They will condemn others for unhanding criticism when they yet are doing the same thing.
    • They call review sites and users unreliable when they are also unreliable because they can't take the hate or opposing points.
    • They even can pick apart every issue within one product, but will refuse to acknowledge problems on another.
  12. People can even go as far into insulting critics like the writers of Thundercats Roar for example in the Teen Titans Go crossover, they insulted both fans of the 1985 series and the 2011 reboot, as well as those who criticized the show.
  13. Some will even believe that the criticism is harassment. There is nothing offensive with point out flaws.
  14. They even might block people from social media sites like Twitter or YouTube just for criticizing or calling them out.
    • They may even end up putting their account on private or send their own fans to attack them, clearly making them cowards.
    • Some either disable the like-dislike ratio and comment sections such as The Real Cost or remove comments that criticize them such as Lily Orchard.
  15. Even more, some of them might even resort to victimizing themselves.
  16. Even a few people have even gone as far as to sue critics like Digital Homicide or Billy Mitchell
  17. Due to being unable to handle any hate, many people and groups fail to see the reason why they or something they like is hated, and take their haters delusionally.
  18. Even the reception wikis aren’t safe from this move.
    • Flame Wars and Edit Wars tend to happen because of this.
  19. Some even vandalize the pages about themselves.
  20. It singles handily has caused damage to almost every community, and partially the entire entertainment industry as a whole.
  21. Some misuse the word "criticism" simply to avoid being criticized.




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What about more?! Also, add some digital artists right now!


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If they're got enough notoriety, yes.


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Regular Badger

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I know of an example of an atrocious animator. His name is Lincar Rox (aka Mixxmastermedia). He's done some pretty shady stuff. He is known for stealing art and animations from other artists to apply for jobs in the animation industry, blackmailing other artists, traces his artwork, acts like a creep and has stolen the layout of Kyle Carrozza's website and used it for his website. (If you don't know who Kyle Carrozza is, he's the creator of Mighty Magiswords...)


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What examples, add it yourself Maxkatzur.


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My opinion

Cherrikissu. She blocks anyone who criticizes her OC Mabel's Patreon-exclusive state. Or vice versa?


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I used to take against criticism, deleting negative comments in YouTube, but after see that topic or maybe About users, i take criticism now a days.


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I must admit. I have always been fucked up in character. You see I have an inability to distinguish between real criticism and downright bashing. And I can be defensive over the things I like being given the F-word. Hence I made some screw ups in the reception wikis in the past. Well, at least I can admit these character flaws, unlike the fanboys who keep defending stuff they love.


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AProudHomestuck in nutshell

The Obscure One

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As a digital artist i welcome criticism and jokes (as long as it's funny) but not blatant hate comments that sometimes would disguise themselves as criticism. For my fellow artists criticism sometimes can be hurt to read but it helps you to grow to be better unlike hate comments that try to take you down which i strongly advice to just ignore them. Actual criticism goes like this "your art still looks bad try to fix some proportions and coloring" while hate comment goes like this "your art sucks. just quit already"

Mr. Dready

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Against criticism is like opinion disrespecting.


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But worst


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Ech0Drama Comment.PNG

Look at this comment.


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Cosmodore should be on here too. He deleted comments that called him a groomer.

Also for Suzy Lu, can we add the fact that YouTube actually DEFENDED Suzy for violating copyright and punished John Swan for calling Suzy Lu out?


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I'm having trouble with handling criticism, I'll admit.


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What about Andrew Dobson?


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So that means i'm actually a coward

Edward Joseph

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For Butch Hartmens line i mean, wheres the lie? Sure he said bad things, but that wasn't one of them


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Can you guys add an Instagram influencer by the name of Lille Jean Trueman, she is someone who can't take an ounce of criticism and she loves to file false copyright strikes on small YouTubers that criticize her.

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