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About the a-logging problem on Mat Brunet

Hey there I had added my topic into your talk page. I am going to talk about the a-logging problem on Mat Brunet that even I was getting sick of myself in my mind. I had first heard about Mat Brunet before i had discover his Trump hate from Yoshi Player. Which at the time the biggest criticism of him is his Sony Pictures Animation hate. So it was not till I looked on his twitter of last year that I saw that Animat as a person is not really great and even does somethings that proofs that he does not understand the United States as I did my researched on the United States all the time.

This is when i meet a user called Caulipower which he knows a lot about Mat Brunet as he talks about why he does not like Mat Brunet. But most of the time which leads to his biggest problem i had with Caulipower. He used something that becomes overused like "He's rambles on Trump" or "He's using unnecessary politics" for the topic which at first it was fine. But by the most recent one I was thinking "Yeah we get it he does this can we talk more about other things about him then the same thing over and over again." It gotten to the point that I even added description on Mat Brunet talk page. So when i heard that we are a-logging I do agreed with what you saying.

So yeah I think Caulipower should stop rumbles on Mat Brunet hate on Trump as there is more to why Mat Brunet sucks then his hate on Trump."

--AnonymousCrusader (talk) 22:49, 9 January 2021 (UTC)