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Not feeling well.

CircleyDoesExtracter (talkcontribs)

Currently, I am suffering from health, anger, and depression issues, because being banned on scratch is terrible for me. "Life Tutor has not gave one, but TWO people some anger, brain or health issues." -BadBrakes. Thank you BadBrakes. That includes me. Now I hope I want to be better soon. From CircleyDoesExtracter.

MirahezeGDPR 350cfea4842cbd9f745cdee880c9cd5a (talkcontribs)

thank goodness I'm fine

CircleyDoesExtracter (talkcontribs)

But for me. I suffer alot of pain, and stress.

CircleyDoesExtracter (talkcontribs)
CircleyDoesExtracter (talkcontribs)

What happened

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