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Yeah this method of deflecing criticism overall is just mean spirited and vicious. 

Complaining about a game like Cuphead being "Abelist" just because the game is a game that is challenging and you can't get past the tutorial. Is absoutlely idiotic. 

But knowing what they are. They would put a game like "Sunset" on a pedestal. And bash a suda51 game for being violent and hyper sexualised. Even though it is just purely fiction and entertainment.

Overall as i said this just a maniuplative way to block criticism. By using them as a shield and blaming their own downfalls on "sexism". As a side note ironically sjws are often highly privelged and finacially well off hipsters. Unlike the "ones" i have mentioned they are using. (Not that we care about them at all or what they do in their personal lives either as well)