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A Paul Fieg remake of one of my dad's favorite films The Godfather or Goodfella's. He is going to be shocked if that was to happend. He's seen The Mummy remake and he hates it. Also my mom told me recently that she does not mind at all if the character isn't the same background she is. Just as long as she really likes the movie. 

But overall interesting perspective on how sjws attack meritocracy. And how all of these remake in reality are meant to bank in on a beloved franchise like Ghost In the shell 2016 is banking off the original franchise. 

And how blaming the film for flopping was denying responbiltiy for their own faults. By blaming it on the opposite demographic. 

I also like how you took the time to do all of the calculations to show how this film will eventually flop as well.

As a side note women have also commited high scale crimes like their male counterparts. 

Small error it is spelled "want" not "wnat".