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I honestly never really cared about reviews either as anybody could have an oppinon. And espeically today where reviews are now poltically charged and alot of the poltical bias plays in the reviews as well.

To me what should matter is if you enjoy the movie or not. And just because someone likes a certain game like PUBG does not mean you have to like it because of how popular it is. And to me personally if i have good time i do not care if the main character is male or female. But i do have an eye for sexy female characters like Bayonetta.

Now on the topic of uneeded remake esepcially gender swap related ones.

So much remakes are being made like the Ghost in the shell movie. As a result of it pretty much flopped because of how it should have never been made in the first place. It looks like Puddle's 8 is now pretty much going to also flop like Ghostbusters 2016 too. 

I think if you are highly talented you should able to get a job. Regardless of background or gender. And there are also really skilled female devs like Jade Raymond. 

In the end all that should matter is that as long as someone is talented that should be only thing that matters. And i'm so glad i'm not watching that movie.