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Seriously, Spielberg, you are a master! Not a moron!

I have 0 problems with characters that have deviant sexualiies as long as they are GOOD, I just get annoyed when people throw them at our faces as if we should all care about them. Even an inanimate object like a Lexus LFA is more intresting than them.

Yeah, the last thing we need is to have more writers like Anthony Burch on board. Burch's utter incompetence comes to show very quickly when you play Borderlands 2, Axton the commando is supposed to be bisexual but I never knew that until I visited Borderlands Wiki. His sexualtiy never shows at ANY point during the game. That makes his sexuality as meaningless as a paper label slapped onto his arse. I can barely believe how lazy Burch is, his idea of creating a different character is "give him a differently colored cloak", that's it.

Seriously, hire creators based on their merits! Not on their gender, race or politics!