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That solution in the long run would not work as they woud still nitpick and find problems. Or put certain scenes out of context as well. 

I have 0 problems with any LGBTQ characters as long as the character is likable then yeah i don't personally care at all about the characters sexuality,gender or race.

Making already established characters like Lando as pansexual is completly pointless and it shares 0 relevancy towards the story in any form or shape. 

Adding in forced diversity just for the sake of diversity is also pretty pointless too. I also do not see the point of race or gender swapping an already established character like Indiana Jones as female. (We already have one her name is Lara Croft). Also as you mentioned characters forced diversity makes them pretty boring and unrelatable. Not out of any form of bigotry. 

Overall i get what you are saying make characters that are relatable and highly liked for their talents. And not for their race,sexulality or gender. Honestly nobody should care at all about race,sexuality or gender as long as they are highly talented and likeable then that is what should matter.