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Exoticness is one of the determinal factors of collector's value. One of my most prized possessions in GTA SA is the HotKnife (a Ford Model A hotrod) because of its high rarity. Its one of the vehicles that're the hardest to obtain legitimately. I managed to snag one out of pure luck. Sometimes, the effort put into it also increases collector's value (at least for me). Another prized possession in SA for me is the Turismo (Ferrari F40). It only spawns in Las Venturas, meaning that I have to beat half the game just to be able to get one.

But sometimes, the effort that's required to obtain one can discoruage me from trying to obtain it. For example, in Asphalt 8, there're many exotic cars that I've never really bothered to buy because I don't feel like grinding for a whole hour just to get a car. Another determining factor is its usefulness, sometimes I don't bother with those cars is because I knew that even if I max them out they'll still be useless. At least with the Pizzaboy I can ride it around while looking funny.