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It is spelled "want" instead of "wan" and the meme you are refering to is the common thing Dark Soul fans say to those who wish to seek guidance for playing the game is. "Git Gud". Also it is "Grayson" not "Greyson".  I'm not sure if you meant "Lose"  instead of "Loose". "Harass" and "Appreciate" is also misspelled. 

I do however completly understand what you are saying but the lack of spell checking while writing articles and blogs is really annoying hiccup the wikia has. And if you are doing this in automobile class and you are doing this during a 15 minute break i can accept that. It is still a pretty bitter lesson you posted.  

Interesting to see some of the points we have discussed are implemented into this article. And now rant time is done for now.  I still am writing cover letters and looking for other publishers as well its been a while and i want to look for other publishers because of the lack of response.