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Only a few spelling errors particularly the word "Sociaty" which is spelled  S-O-I-C-E-T-Y. The thesis point is pretty clear. On the topic of how millenial blogs are complete clickbait cancer.  The examples did help your supporiting parts quite well. (From using clickbait titles to showing how a critical responses such as James Rolfe someone who has grown up in the 80s and he gave a excellent reasons to not see the movie such as it did not have the spirit of the origianl films. And it felt unfunny compared to the original film. And they spin this into a story of how if you don't like a certain film that means you are anti whatever the sjws make up. I'm not into  anylive action movies at all and i prefer anime. And if i don't like per say Ghostbusters that does not mean you are sexist. You can still enjoy characters like Lara Croft and be critical against movies like Ghostbusters)

Last i check the term "entertainment" meant to be provided amusement and enjoyment.