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"Unrealisitc" body image for women

Lousy excuse, not only male characters are represented unrealistically at times, but anime itself to me is never about realism, it's asthetics based on realism. And asthetics mean exaggeration at times. Besides, what's wrong with some fanservice in fiction? What's wrong with seeing something much better than what you'll ever see in real-life?

About the violence bit, well, that's the whole point of an action show NO? Action meaning combat, and combat involves mild to ultra intense violence! And women experiencing violence is not okay? What about men? Are you suggesting that we men deserve to be punching bags and cannon fodder? Double standards is amazing, right?

And how will you prevent women from experiencing violence? Either make them into side characters non combat roles (which SJWs will complain "disenpowering") or make them in Mary Sues (which 99% of the audience dislikes).

Yaoi or Yuri, again, no one cares as long as its fun, okay? If you're simply boring, people still won't see your show regardless of your gender. Speaking of boring, propaganda is usually such, and propaganda is forced in politics which pretty much takes all entertainment value away. JDM is fun, but it's simply cringeworthy when you use them to promote Nippon Superiority.

If the Japanese creators know what's good for them, they will simply stick to your own ways. You don't make entertainment for SJW whiners in the same way you don't make Nissan GT-Rs for Prius drivers.