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Well i am highly anti religion as i mentioned before. And part of it is criticising it and showing nothing but antipathy towards it. I don't really believe in anything religious or supernatural. And my personal moral code is to be nice to those who are nice to you. And "whatever happens happens". 

Religion is pretty restrictive lifestyle to have. And with it being accepted 100 percent without any hesitation is just a way for those to turn into pretty radical believers. And this kind of mindset encourages hostility towards those who are outsiders like me and you.

The good qualites such as "giving to the poor" well it can be used for selfish motives. Like a pastor stealing money that was meant to be used for the church. And pastors getting close to the women trying to be nice to them if they are suffering from either a personal loss or they are just feeling down as of late. And later on doing erm "intimate" things with them. 

So whenever i would hear something as the pastor is rasing funds for his private jet to travel the world to spread the gospel.

I just automatically think that he is using it for his own personal use to vacation to tropic places like Bermuda.

In addition to this the church money they get as well would be used to finance there own lavish lifestyles like living in a mansion. Hell alot of them even get into trouble with their lavish lifestyles and could face charges for tax evasion.

And everytime they mention "we will pray for you" they wouldn't do anything to help you resolve whatever personal issue they may have.

Religion does not make anybody automatically 100 percent "pure" and "sweet". That is something i share with as well.

I too have also seen religious people do shitty things. And they still think they are good people just beause they believe in god.

In addition using religion as an excuse for morally depolorable behavior is just a form of guilt reduction. And they just use it as a way to make them sleep better at night.  

In conclussion you can still be a really nice person without religion. And just be respectful to others regardless of anything.