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Though I'm a non-devoted Christian, I'm okay with LGBT, the Big Bang [it is my belief that God caused the Big Bang] and the like. Though I do believe in God, yes, I believe in EVERYTHING science has to offer. You know, evolution, Earth being 4.5 billion years old, etc.

Many creationists argue that evolution is untrue because it's "just a theory". This is a logical fallacy: they most likely don't even know what a scientific theory IS, and they only know the normal meaning for theory. They also argue that evolution is untrue because "how can so many years of blind evolution make such a complex species?" This is ALSO logically fallacious: they refuse to think evolution is true because they can't believe that a proccess like evolution [with the 3.8 billion years of life] could ever make complex things like us. Appeal to ridiculousness.

And it's true that the Bible wasn't meant to be taken literally. The "days" of creation are long stretches of time. Oh, and Earth being 6000 years old? No. Just no.

This is my longest comment made yet: it's more of a blog post than a comment.