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Sometimes these religious extremists or pseudo believers are similar to 3rd wave feminists in some ways:

Both use their believes as an excuse to be bigots to other people. Like some feminists claim that those who do not believe in radical feminism are for sure misoynists, some Christians also treat atheism as the cause of everything negative on this planet (Oh sure, religious people CAN'T be evil, right?). They also make many weak arguments to back up their idiotic claims, like being an atheist doesn't make sense becuause god may punish you for being a "non-believer". Well, let me ask you, what if you are worshipping the wrong god?

Both also have memebers that use the belief as a method of self-promotion. On feminist's side we have Sarkeesian, Wu, Quinn and many others. On the religious side we have the pastors you've mentioned.

If you believe in a religon or simply doesn't believe in them at all, fine! I respect your opinion. But you need to respect mine in return and don't force feed me your ideology. Respect is like money, it has to be earned and it goes both ways.