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Religion. It is a really hypocritical concept. Love thy neighbour but not if he is diffrent than you because he or she does not believe in god. A cure for cancer to a radical fundamentalist means some sort of demonic conspiracy or something similar to that. Because of them having an anti science and ant inteluctulal stance. And even today there is still those who deny science being factual and anything that happens in the bible is factual. Along with having a highly backwards mindset of the view of the world.

This article also shows how easily they are brainwashed into following this "listen and beleive" mentality. And how dark sided religion in general really is. 

Keep in mind it is important to be respectful towards one another regardless of what their personal background is and that is about it. Unless what they believe in is destructive and they deserved to be called out. And not all of those who are part of a certain religion take part in these activites you have mentioned. (Not saying that religion should be defended  at all. What i'm saying is don't believe in any false assumptions or any sterotypes.)

But overall. I completely agree with this article. As someone who is completly highly critical towards religion and the concept of god.