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Christianity is, like every other religon of concept, flawed. It has it upsides and downsides. This pretty much shows why the "Listen & Believe" mentailty, which is what communists and SJWs encourage, is never acceptable. It's extremely necessary to remain skeptical and judge for yourself what is right or wrong. You cannot outright trash something just bacuse its flawed, neither should anyone accept something fully just because it makes sense in some aspects. It's like that ridiculous claim I read in Chinese Politics textbooks that "Marxism is the only correct philosophy."

The problem with religious extremists is that they simply cannot accept any differences and expect everyone to accept their ideology.

One problem with your blog I found is that you are somewhat blaming an enitre religion on creating a small group or extremists and homo/transphobes. It's like blaming the Internet for giving trolls a platform, or blaming the firearm industry for allowing outlaws to buy their products. It's okay to criticize extremists or bad apples but is not okay to bash an enitre group/religon for it. As you've said, Catholic Churches have their flaws but it isn't Catholicism to blame enitely on. I bashed 3rd wave feminism on this wiki but I never claime that the concept of feminism itself is bad, I stated that is the members themselves and their actions that are making it look bad.

Also Jesus will never mentioned the Transgenders, why? They didn't exist back then!

The anti-science bit I'll excuse, cause the Bible was created back in the days when humans are still very ignorant and has little understanding of our homeworld. But it becomes lauagble when people like Conservapedia contributors still stuck with that dogma even in the 21st century.