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Let me cut to the chase:

I'm not exactly a qulaified nerd, I don't care about movies that much, but this certainly not getting me to care about them more.

You may call me a "cis scum", but do remember, most people out there are as well, therefore neither will they care.

Many nerds and nerdettes out there may treat the concept of LGBTQ characters as a taboo, and frankly it's not hard to see why. Most of these characters are designed with LGBTQ in mind first and character second, and the result of putting the cart in front of the horse is never good.

Of course, creating a queer or a trans character is not a crime, but creators need to remeber what the fans want, that the audience don't care about the character's sexuality, they care about his/her backstory, characteristics and personality.

Is may be a poor metaphor but it's the best I can do: if I'm a billionaire and I have plans to purchase a Vanda Dendorbium, a Rimac Concept Two, a Tesla Model S P100D Ludircous or a Lamborghini Tenzo Millennio. I purchase them because of their speed, styling, luxury and collector's value, not because of how environmentally friendly they are. If I cared about eco-driving only. I would simply buy a Nissan Leaf or a Toyota Prius.

People don't hate these forced in diversity characters because of racism (what the media loves to claim) or because they can never relate with the characters, it's because that they are boring which makes them unrelatable. That's why they are called token characters, their race and gender are their biggest traits.

These queer/trans characters can be relatable, because while they may have different reasons behind their sufferings, their problems are actully something everyone can experience, most notably being a pariah due to their differences, this is something many nerds grew up experiencing due to their socially awkward nature and their different hobbies.

So instead of constantly reminding us of his/her sexuality, make it subtale, make the character likable and help the audience bond with him/her. Then reveal his/her past and difference at the best moment. This will help us understand the character better and may even actually sympathise with the queer and understand their struggle in life. Also, when you are reflecting the real-world beyound the screen, do NOT turn the whole world is against her just because of the character's gender/race. This may alienate the audience as they will see you criticizing them for something they never did.

It's also important to make the character unique in his/her own way, remember that copy-pasted characters are not relatable because they're shallow and people have seen too much of them already. Don't be Anthony Burch!

Another important factor is that if the character have past misgivings and the audience knows that, it's necessary to make him/her realize his/her own mistakes one way or the other and attempt to redeem for it afterwards. Do not make the character push away all resposibility, this won't make him/her likable.

Another taboo you MUST avoid is to change established characters (Lando's PAN!), not only fans will accuse you of "ruining their childhood" but also see you as nothing more than a narrative pushing propagandist.

Next time, don't write about LGBTQ characters in such a way, because in our mind, we will automatically come to the conclusion that you like them simply because they're LGBTQ+ and it's "woke" to do so.