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Akira Black Butler Book Of The Atlantic Spirited Away Bayonetta Bloody Fate Cowboy Bebop The Movie Ghost In the shell 2.0 ghost in the shell 2 ghost in the shell 2015 Ninja Scroll (Live action remakes should not be made at all) Dead Leaves Afro Samurai Resurrection
Cowboy Bebop Black Butler Hellsing Ultimate Gungrave

Anime is the only thing i watch for entertainment. Afro Samurai Serial Expiraments Lain

Lacuna Coil

Type O Negative Sex Pistols Halestorm Misfits NANA soundtrack (Punk side)

God Child by Kaori Yuki

Romeo And Juliet Manga adaptation Death Note

Video games
Kingdom Hearts Persona 5 Danganronpa Devil May Cry Skyrim Bayonetta Nier Automata Suda51 games (Flower Sun And Rain is the exception) Vanquish Transformers Devastation Kingdom Hearts Final Fantasy Infinite Space trace memory The World Ends With You Chaos Child

Monster Hunter Fire Emblem and Radiant Historia 3DS Chrono Trigger I am completely into the underground cult styled games,anime and manga i also enjoy older ones as well.

I am the occasional reader of Otaku USA Sometimes i might even read Famitsu
Too much junk food to list
Too much pop to list.
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