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Breitbart is a conservative news and opinion website that was founded in 2007 by the late Andrew Breitbart (1969 - 2012), an American conservative (and former liberal) author, commentator, and publisher who also co-founded the Huffington Post. After Andrew's death from heart failure in 2012, Larry Solov, who co-founded the site, became its president and CEO.

Why It's Rotten

  1. They are abysmal when it comes to their stories being reviewed by fact-checking sites like Snopes and Politifact. For example, they published a story claiming that an undocumented immigrant was arrested in suspicion of the Wine County fires of California, but the person in question had allegedly caused a small, unrelated fire that had been quickly put out.[1]
  2. Their headlines are often incredibly sensationalist. For example, one article has a title that reads: "Nolte: Little Miss BossyPants at Netflix Wants to Outlaw the Term 'Chick Flick'". The author of the article also refers to Kirsten King as "Little Miss BossyPants", which is not professional at all and is very immature.


  1. Nichols, Chris. “Breitbart's False, Inflammatory Claim about Calif. Fires.” Politifact, Poynter Institute, 23 Oct. 2017,

Miiverse Clones

Miiverse clones refer to the family of websites that attempted to feel like Miiverse while providing more features and being considerably more lax on the rules. Although some Miiverse clones, such as Exverse and Reverse, are still alive, many of the more popular ones, such as Cedar, Closedverse, Oasis, and Indigo, eventually closed for various reasons.

Why Most of Them Were Rotten

NOTE: This section will especially focus on the more popular clones and their userbases.

  1. The userbases were often toxic and filled with unfunny edgelords and trolls, genuine racists and homophobes, and, in rare cases, even pedos and doxxers.
  2. Drama was not an uncommon occurrence on the more popular clones.
  3. Some trends, such as Sarahah, were over-recycled.
  4. Some of the administrators were corrupt, as they would sometimes delete posts for stupid reasons, such as being unfunny or basically not agreeing with the admin's viewpoints.