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The Comical Comics, aka The Comical Company, or abbreviated to TCC, is a company that makes “art forms of any kind.” They were founded on February 16, 2018.

Why They Pretty Much Suck

1. They are founded by kids, which may seem charming, but it is actually really cringeworthy.

2. The members, especially Cedric Martens, can be pretty greedy to their other workers. On Discord, Steve The Rapper requested to upload a Sonic animation on the account on Newgrounds, but Cedric said “it doesn't sound like a TCC animation.” Really, Cedric? You’re really gonna be greedy to be greedy to a person who can handle criticism? All he asked to upload was a Sonic animation!

3. Stolen names like Piccolo. It’s a name of the person in an anime. You could get a lawsuit, Cedric!

4. Cedric can hardly handle criticism, as he bullied a person who criticized his work.

5. Some unlikable characters.

6. Animation errors almost everywhere!

7. Not only that, but at times people talk over each other!

8. Speaking of animation, Cedric’s animation style is mediocre.

9. It was stated once on Instagram that Cedric wouldn’t be doing a face reveal anytime soon, which leaves other members to die of curiosity.

10. Cedric basically pretends that TCC is popular, when the TCC YouTube Channel only has 33+ subscribers, and the Newgrounds account has only 13+ fans. Steve The Rapper is much more popular!

Redeeming Qualities

1. At least Prof. Pops is quite a likable character.

2. Steve The Rapper is a part of it, despite his talents being wasted due to reason 2 on why they pretty much suck.

3. Some of the members’ art styles (including Steve’s) are quite decent.


Almost all of the members of TCC have a YouTube channel, and some of those have Newgrounds.