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Lego Death
Type of site: Social Media
Owner: Lego
Date of launch: 2017
Status: Online

Lego Life is a app based on posting images of users lego creations.

Why its Rotten

  1. Posts get taken down a lot for false reasons. If a lego build posted on the site even somewhat resembles a official lego set then it will get deleted. There are multiple other reasons a post can get false deleted, such as:
    • A post can get deleted just for being low quality.
    • If anyones face even slightly gets in the photo of a post then it will get deleted.
    • If you advertise any social media accounts on the description of a post then the entire post can get deleted instead of just the description.
  2. On the site there was a highly hated update that made it so you must give the site your credit card information to comment and post, this sometimes did not work and some users claim that in some countries it cant be done.
  3. False Advertising: Multiple advertisements and commercials for the app show kids putting lego stickers over their face in posts, however if you do this on the app then the post will get deleted.
  4. No way to choose your own name. The names are random words and they dont even use a filter to see if a name has any bad words, and theres pretty much no reason not to include a feature to suggest a name for your account and after the name would be shown by a moderator who will decide if the name is appropriate for the user to use.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Although there is some false advertising, it is telling the truth when it says it is a very safe app.