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This here's my profile for Rotten Websites Wiki. Here I'll give you the full rundown about myself.

First off, i prefer to keep my identity anonymous since I'm certain my activities on this wiki & other sites may ruffle a few feathers so i created another gmail account to keep my internet activities separate from the ones i do on my "public" account. So i won't give away too much about my identity, but i'll tell you some things. I'm an Englander, specifically I'm from the north-west area of England near Liverpool(in other words, i'm a scouser) which most people know as the birthplace of the Beatles. I'm neutral towards Brexit though i hate the damage & drama that the controversy has caused (which our media has done little to nothing alleviate). On my "public email", I'm an editor for FANDOM, specifically Superpower Wiki, Villians Wiki & Heroes Wiki. Despite the current state FANDOM is in at the moment, i still enjoy editing for the aformentioned wikis. I just simply don't read their clickbait articles & generally keep my head down, don't mention anything related to politics, Gamergate or anything SJW-related & be polite as possible on the occasions I interact with other users. The first thing you'll probably notice on any of my online accounts is the evil grinning black man which has nothing to do with my user name. It comes from this Ben Garrison cartoon about the attacks on farms in South Africa. I don't agree with the message of the cartoon or with most of Ben's opinions. I just like Ramaphosa's face in this cartoon, it's just so goddamn hilarious­čśé. Don't let that make you think that I'm some kind of trolling dudebro though. I'm actually quite an articulate person as you will notice from this profile description & my other work here, bit of a grammar nazi as well (a lot of my work on FANDOM was correcting grammatical errors on the various wiki, of which there is plenty to find). Like a lot of people on this wiki, including our founding farther Grust, I really hate SJWs, regressive leftists, radical feminists & all the harm they have done. From ruining western entertainment with their forced progressive messages to ruining people's very lives with false accusations of bigotry, I despise them with a burning passion­čśí. That being said, I'm also not particularly fond of the Anti-SJW Community as it currently is. I feel that it has been overtaken by the far-right/alt-right & become everything the regressive left has accused of;a toxic cesspool of bigoted reactionaries who toss words like SJW, Cuck, NPC & Commie at anyone who disagrees with them & words like woke at any form of media that has diversity or progressive messages in it, regardless of whether it's forced or not, thus devaluing those terms as a result (much like how terms like racist, sexist, bigot, incel, boomer & fascist/nazi have become devalued into nothing more than generic insults having been tossed around by SJWs for so long) and who hate socialism so much that they treat any socialist or left wing concept like socialized healthcare, free tuition (which ironically would actually help combat Socjus influence in colleges/universities) or LGBT rights as communistic & therefore bad. As much as it sounds like an oxymoron, I believe the term "Right-Wing SJW" can be readily applied to these people as they act pretty much like left-wing SJWs (getting easily triggered & offended by things they don't like or approve of, throwing loaded terms at the drop of a hat etc), the difference being that they fight for & defend far-right beliefs rather than far-left beliefs. Fortunately, there are still reasonable people left among the Anti-SJW crowd like Chris Ray Gun & Shoe0nHead who criticize right-wing bullshit just as much as left wing bullshit. Other Anti-SJW commentators I like to listen to (and ones who I don't think have fallen down the right-wing rabbit hole & are sometime just as willing to criticize the right wing) include Armoured Skeptic, TL;DR, Angry Foreigner, [ Battening], Blaire White, [ Rags.I also used to watch a Paul Joseph Watson & Computing Forever, though I don't anymore as i feel these two genuinely are reactionaries/Right Wing SJWs (though I still do agree with them on certain issues such as radical Islam). I've only very recently started watching Sargon of Akkad & Thunderf00t, which is bizarre since these two are supposed to be major celebrities in the Anti-SJW community. With the former, the reason I didn't watch him was because I'd heard he's become one of the aformentioned Right-Wing SJWs, hating socialism to the point of defending terrible people like Joe McCarthy & Augusto Pinochet simply because they were anti-communist. My most favourite Anti-SJW commentator however, & the one who got me embroiled in this culture & politics war and introduced me to all the other Anti-SJW commentators has to be this fine scotsman;burrunjor. I cannot recommend this guy enough. He's pretty much my mentor. He taught me everything there is to know about SJWs & the regressive left & showed me just how broken our society really is thanks to them. He has also criticized right-wingers as well such as Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Steve Molyenux & the aforementioned Sargon. I'll explain more about how I found him later on. However the left-wing SJWs will still be at the top of my hate list since with the right-wing SJWs & alt-right, despite their surge in popularity (ironically thanks to the left-wing SJWs), they are still at best fringe nutjobs who have no real power & despite what many may tell you, are not capable of swaying the whole of the general public to their side. The left-wing SJWs meanwhile, have the mainstream media on their side, which is where true power lies, meaning anything they say goes & their bad behavior is rarely, if ever, called out on. So I still hate left-wing SJWs more than right-wing ones & think that they need to be challenged at every opportunity (just not in the way Right Wing SJWs do so). Recently, I've having a massive hate boner for the youtube community known as BreadTube. Why does it piss me off so much? Well basically, they're glorified left wing SJWs & if not that, apologists for them who parrot the same old SJW/Regressive Left beliefs & talking points (e.g. "Gender is a social construct", "White men have all the power and privilege and don't suffer oppression", "Women & minorities are still oppressed", "Minority anti-SJWs are just internalized bigots and/or pawns" "Trump is a bigot & all his supporters are neo-nazis", "Islam is a religion of peace", "GamerGate is an alt-right hate mob and Quinn & Sarkeesian are poor little helpless victims" etc.) & reinforce them with an industrial strength bot gun! They use clever manipulation tactics such as faux-intellectualism, strawmanning/nutpicking, cherrypicking and in some cases, great performance talent, SFX and funny gags to seduce people & convince them that these points are valid & that SJWs aren't bad people, slowly brainwashing them into joining the regressive left & becoming SJWs (ironcally the same ones they accuse the alt-right using to radicalize people), which they have been infuriatingly successful in doing to even the most hardline GamerGaters/anti-SJWs. And they claim that they are "de-radicalizing" these people (yet another case of the regressive left using Orwellian terminology to describe it's nefarious activities) when in reality, they're radicalizing them to the far-left! Just look at the second link i've provided. It's to a WNYC Studios podcast which is pretty much a puff piece for BreadTube. In one part, two teens, Micah Loewinger & Evan Heimbaugh , one formerly a neo-nazi, the other a right-leaning libertarian describe how they were de-radicalized by Breadtubers like Contrapoints, how they were bedazzled by Contra's flashy SFX, humor & intellectual air & how they were then "re-radicalized" into being anarchists, yes ANARCHISTS. You know, those people who, at best, are delusional idiots who think society can function without any form of governing body & at worst, masked goons who'll give you facefull of molotov! And yet they still call this "de-radicalizing" & treat this as being perfectly okay. So what? Being far-left is better than being far-right? Sure, I mean, it's not like the far-left has never done anything wrong, right? (They also make it so emotional saying Contra "provided the rope to pull them out of the rabbit hole"). They like to go on about the "alt-right radicalization pipeline" & the people that move vulnerable young people through it, when they themselves are a pipeline moving those very same vulnerable young people towards the regressive left. But the thing that really grinds my gears about BreadTube is that by reinforcing SocJus Beliefs & "de-radicalizing" those who fight against them, they're ensuring the harm those beliefs cause () will continue to go on. In fact, I joined this wiki with the intended purpose of creating an article on BreadTube in the hopes of helping to curb their success & preventing more people from falling for their manipulation tactics, showing that at the end of the day, they're just Social Justice Warriors who have a bit more brain than the rest & for some of them, a helluva lot of flair and that most of the "high quality content" they advertise on their reddit page is about as high quality as the food in a roadside burger joint. With the recent controversies surrounding Contrapoints, I feel that BreadTube's power has weakened significantly with the community being split in divisions over how to handle the controversies. I'm also planning on creating articles on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki on the unoffical founders of BreadTube Hbomberguy, Contrapoints & Shaun (I already have the Hbomberguy page in the works at the time of writing), plus the "crumbs" of BreadTube like Xanderhal.

So how did I get involved in this whole culture war? Well I shall now recount that to you. I guess you could call this my redpill story. It all started back in 2017 when Crappy Games Wiki was still on FANDOM I browsed quite a lot on the wiki and I eventually found their articles on Anita Sarkeesian, the Quinnspiracy & Corruption in Game Journalism and that's when I first learned about GamerGate, Sarkeesian, Quinn & everything else. I had heard of the term "Social Justice Warrior" before various times but I didn't realize the impact they had on the gaming community (or even the whole of society, though even then I had'nt realized the full ) until then (it was the first time I heard the acronym SJW though). I also got my first hint of how corrupt the mainstream media as a whole was (though I didn't realize the full scale of it until later on). I read some other blogs (including a rather lengthy one written by a feminist no less which I unfortunately can't remember the name of) also critiquing Sarkeesian. It was when I found Rationalwiki's articles on Anita Sarkeesian & Gamergate