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Custom information
Custom 1

Hello guys, I am originally nihirichan, a random teenage girl from Wikia. I was mostly active on many of the Bad Media wikis, mostly Abysmal Roblox Games Wiki, where I am a content moderator.

Custom 2

You can still catch up with me on Wikia, but I won't be as active thanks to the mass-deletion of many of our wikis, unless it is Roblox Wikia or MapleWiki.

Custom 3

I also play MapleStory, Roblox, and Splatoon 2!

Roblox: n1hiri

MapleStory: nihirichan (Scania, Gateway North America)

(I will probably give out my Switch FC later.)

Other information

Steven Universe, and OK KO! Let's Be Heroes


Any video game + Japanese + future funk/vaporwave music


Homestuck and The Property of Hate

Video games

Roblox, MapleStory, Splatoon 2, Skullgirls, and Undertale (although I have never played it; I planned on getting it for my Switch)


Hot Fries, Buffalo Wings, Ramen, Sushi, and Ice Cream


Chocolate Milk, Coca-Cola, Strawberry Flavored Water, and Pepsi

Personal information

, Louisiana


, Louisiana


December 23rd

About me

Hello! I am originally nihirichan (stylized as Nihirichan) from Wikia!