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I live in a world where everything is lame great.When I was born,Bush was still the best president.Ever since I went to High School,my life became shit sexy.

About me

I was born somewhere over Croatia where GOT was filmed 4 days after GTA 3.When I saw wiki,I came with a idea to make a troll user by the name of Swag234 and use it until I get new computer.When I got it,I made this account.I am not allowed to comment in TTVS,GTVS,AM,GM,CG and AG wikis because crud happens.I am banned in TTVS and GTVS.

Message to Unnamedgoon

If you are reading this,how did you manage to ban me on AG and GTVS wiki?Are you magician?

For future

Reason Black Ops 4 won't have campaign because nobody cares about beating it,especially in Black Ops 3.