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DuchessSponge5000/sandbox/Unofficial Page
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This is how you don't make a reception wiki.
Type of site: Picky Music Haters
Language: English
Created by: LambaLegend
Owner: Vaderxl
Date of launch: August 29, 2017
Status: Active

Horrible Music & Songs Wiki is a reception wiki and questionably founded by LambaLegend on August 29, 2017. It focuses on "bad" music and songs, or does it really?

Why It's Rotten

  1. The main issue of this wiki is that it's more of hatred of modern songs and artists other than "actual" bad artists and songs. Examples include Daddy Yankee, Halsey, Kesha, Iggy Azalea, Cardi B, T-Pain, Flo Rida, Started, Kream, Sally Walker, I Like It, Money, Press, Please Me, God Is a Woman, Meant To Be, Rap Devil, Bitch Lasagna and the Gummibar song.
    • Usually, many songs and artists are added to the wiki for personal reasons like "Kamikaze" and "U Can't Touch This".
    • Also, if an artist on that wiki releases a song, chances are, it will end up on there without a second thought, even if the song is actually good.
  2. Much like Common Sense Media, they pander towards nostalgia, and many songs from the 2000s or beyond are praised and liked by the community, and they don't care whether the song is good or not, which shows how much they're nostalgiatards.
  3. Many of the reasons listed on the pages are usually undetailed, nitpicked, invalid, biased, or untrue.
    • The most infamous of these reasons is the "They're overrated/overplayed" reason. Look, being overrated/overplayed does not determine the quality of a song. That's basically like hating on a show/movie/game because of its fanbase.
  4. Even though the wiki doesn't allow users to add songs just because they hate it, users do it anyway. One example is when a user named Kannithemaster attempted to add "DDU-DU-DDU-DU" by Black Pink and Black Pink themselves to the wiki only because he didn't like them. Fortunately, HarmonTower805 deleted both pages.
  5. The RPG Gamer. His adminship was absolutely terrible. For starters, he blocked That One Stickman for setting up "candidate for deletion" on "Can't Stop The Feeling", then he blocked him again for removing a bad quality about "Despacito" saying "no redeeming qualities." This made That One Stickman get mad and complain to CHICHI7YT about his adminship. He also can't handle criticism as he will delete any hate message of him (and yes, block them).
    • The new admins are also no better, although HermonTower805's adminship is okay. However, Vaderxl constantly reverts edits whenever someone removes an invalid reason. He also came up with a poorly made reason on why the admins shouldn't ban Flex Entertainment songs and artists. Also he created the afromentioned "Kamikaze" page because he doesn't like the song.
  6. Many toxic users such as Logomax Entertainment, JeffyJeffyUHUHUH (as KimmiUTTP and JeffyUHUHUH) and unlogged users exist on the site.
    • In fact, pretty much all of the users on the wiki are toxic.
  7. Any song that is an internet meme will most likely be on there. Even if the song is not that bad, like Bitch Lasagna and The Bad Touch.
  8. Without any explanation, they somewhat began to ban any theme song and video game soundtrack (like Extreme Paintbrawl). Why can't they just ban all of the hip-hop/rap songs that are clogging up the wiki?
  9. They also rely on review aggregation websites such as Rate Your Music (which is a website infested by snobs), Album of the Year and even TheTopTens!. Heck, they rely on critics in general! One example is the page for the song "Meant To Be" by Bebe Rexha ft. Florida George Line. They added it only because it got low ratings on both websites.
  10. FANDOM didn't even bother closing the wiki, showing (and/or implying) that they closed down reception wikis for personal reasons.
  11. Tons of stupid and unnecessary categories. In fact, most of the categories are the same thing!
  12. You cannot write anything related to the word "cringe" or add the "Cringeworthy songs" category.
  13. If a song has even the slightest autotune, it will be guaranteed that song is on there as having "too much autotune".
  14. They hate songs with repetitive lyrics, even though there are good songs with repetitive lyrics like "Get Ur Freak On" by Missy Elliott and "Thank U, Next" by Ariana Grande. And what's worse is they never stop comparing a song or singer with repetitive lyrics to Gucci Gang and Lil Pump, even if it's not as repetitive.
  15. They also hate songs that have any sort of product placement. There's tons of songs contain product placement.
  16. Songs with lyrics that are slightly sexual are likely to end up on there. There's tons of good songs about sex like 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" and "Ayo Technology" and Justin Timbarlake's "SexyBack".
    • Heck, they even hate reggaeton genre because of this.
  17. They also complained over Cardi B's album Invasion of Privacy winning Best Rap Album at the Grammy's. How is an album winning an award a bad quality!?
    • Worse, they claim that the award being given to her was met with severe backlash from rap fans without providing any evidence.
  18. The wiki is clogged with songs, "artists", and albums from an unknown "record label" known as Flex Entertainment (most likely run by trolls) and also they're take their songs way too seriously (especially Vaderxl).
  19. Many terrible users:
    • Dragos104123. He will always add songs/artists from negative lists on YouTube in the wiki's article requests, even if the song/artist is actually liked by the audience and for some reason, also add negative videos about hip hop in the wiki's videos section. He also seems to not handle criticism, as when he writes something and someone responds to him with something negative, he will most of the time delete his previous message.
    • Bgsonickid is also a terrible user. When a user named FrozenPizza added Cardi B's song "Press" to the sister wiki, he added it to the HMASW, and deleted the page on the sister wiki without FrozenPizza’s permission.
      • He also called FrozenPizza a jail bird who shot his friend, which is true, but FrozenPizza apologized for the incident. This comment also caused FrozenPizza to be pissed, a couple days after the flame war, the comment was removed due to drama.
    • Speedyblue is another user who harassed FrozenPizza, he acted like a complete idiot on the Sally Walker page when FrozenPizza commented “I like that song, how dare you!” And instead of Speedy speaking facts, he spoke up opinions like a complete Idiot. He also claimed FrozenPizza was “bitching off” when he was actually speaking the truth

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Some artists like Misha, Justin Bieber and Bhad Bhabie and songs like Baby, Friday, Gucci Gang and Hi Bich are indeed bad.


  • It is the last living Reception Family Wiki of FANDOM along with its sister wiki, the Best Music and Songs Wiki since Abysmal Roblox Games Wiki was closed down on April 16, 2019.



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What about Martee Teeves/TeevesVENO/NancyParker, one who tried shove the belief that Marshmello is a good music producer, down our throats and reinforce it?

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