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Hello, this is 43CharsIsOld. I am a user who originally came from the closed Horrible Vyonders Wiki, I wanted to make an account on this site because of the fact is I wanted to see more on the site, and I liked the comment section of the Horrible Vyonders Wiki where users would mock someone if they were attacking their page while typing "LiKe tHis FoR ExAmPle!" with the Mocking SpongeBob image which I was into at the time, they one that got mocked if they were usually downvoted. Well you may think I came from the Horrible Vyonders Wiki but I discovered this wiki way back in February 20, 2020 when the Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki was still around, the first article I came across through the entire Receptions Wiki and Miraheze together was the Baby First TV Hatedom article. I was on Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki anonymously most of the time when it was around, it informed me about how toxic fanbases and hatebases can be. You can normally find me on the Receptions Wiki. I am also one of the fifteen most active users on Rotten Websites Wiki as of now.

You can look at my sandbox right here. Evolution of Qualitipedia (2013-2021) (W.I.P Blog)


Blog 1: The average TF&HW article.
Blog 2: Bad Page Example for Rotten Websites Wiki.

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