Use of "gay" and "lesbian" as insults

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Gay is a word really meaning a homosexual, most commonly referring to a man and lesbian is a word meaning a homosexual woman, however these words have lost their meaning over the years when people started using them as insults.

Why It's Rotten

  1. They share the same issues with autism and cancer insults, and retarded being used as an insult, not to mention AIDS being used as insults.
  2. Every time something weird happens on a YouTube video (like some people doing weird things) they will call that person gay.
  3. They call everything they dislike "gay". Like "[Insert thing] is gay!".
  4. They don't know what the word gay has another meaning like it also means "light-hearted and carefree" and wasn't used as a term for homosexual people.
  5. People who use these insults are homophobic.
  6. It gives homosexuals a really bad name.
  7. Two phrases. Ur mom gay and ur dad lesbian. While women can be gay as gay can also mean a homosexual woman, men cannot be lesbians.
  8. Ironically, some members of the LGBT community also use these insults too.
  9. Whenever they get called out for it, they accuse them of being politically correct or SJWs failing to realize that political incorrectness has its limits and that many of the people they call out on are Anti-SJWs.




one month ago
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"Ur mom gay and ur dad lesbian", while ironically funny, is also offensive


16 days ago
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Gay Luigi

Mr. Dready

13 days ago
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My cousin called me Gay, just because i like Sailor Moon, better yet everytime i showed him a Sailor Moon fan (or at least a person who also likes it), he called them Gays, which is stupid.

What's wrong with a boy/male liking something made for girls anyway? That's stupid.

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